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Sex you say? (Part 4)

40% of the world' s population owns
a vibrator or dildo. The majority of
sex toy owners lies "within" the
women. giggity
Here' s a selection of some vibrator
names', Golden Torpedo, Super Big
Boss, Bush Warrior, Silent Snake,
Banana Rama.
a. Sex with animals is perfectly legal for
men in Washington state, as long as
the animal weighs less than 40 pounds.
So I read that one somewhere III and
I sure hope it isn' t true.
Paulie, King of Tonga, had the
right to deflower eyery virgin in
his kingdom. It is claimed that
during his reign he shagged a
proud number of 37, 000 virgins,
u Inn: in I we
Lube is found in
33, 30/ o of world' s
I sure hope that one isn' t true,,,
For the average prostitute you
only have to pay 10 Rupees III
him are only a cents,
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