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Sex you say? (Part 3)

Ancient Myths from the Far East
claim the world formed itself out of
alt an gargantuan orgasm,
The missionary is named that -
way because the catholic Ill''" "
church used to accept and
allow only this position during
intercourse. Since missioners
preached this message to all
the "uncivilised" people it' s
called missionary.
While the production costs for
the porn movie Deep Throat
1972) were only 25000 Dollars
it still managed to gain a
revenue of ayer 600 Million
Dollars E!
Men who watc. h porn with more
males and only one female
produce more semen because
the brain sees all the other man
as "competition" and therefore
more semen is produced to
qualify oneself as the better
spliter for the female.
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