Daft Punk at our Ball. Full guide to making my helmet /funny_pictures/2554733/Night+of+my+Life+2+plus+GUIDE/ Also Thomas's helmet guide /funny_pictures/2554758/ pineapple elepha
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Daft Punk at our Ball

Hello Junk!
My name is Sirclydeth, and on July
tth, 2011, my friend and I went to
our Senior School Ball (Prom).
Now normally this is meant to be
one the best night of our lives, but
we made it a little more 'awesome'
than that.
A few months prior to the ball, we
had decided to create replica' s of the
Daft Punk helmets. (Pictures below)
Before we did this, we
had no experience
with helmet making or
any other type of prop
making so to complete
this was insane! :D
And so we wore our helmets to our
Senior School Ball and man were we a
hit! Look for yourself ..D
And best of all, I danced to
HBFS/ Around the World Alive
Remix with a circle of people
around me. t
I' m not looking for thumbs (not
saying they wouldn' t be nice) but I
just want to share with Funnyjunk
the single greatest night that I
have ever experienced.
Thumb up or down, but please don' t
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