Zombie University Daily Log- Entry 8. And so began week 2!. Zombie University Daily Log- Entry 3- Return to the Living Dead This is the second official week oft zombies fun boom headshot
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Zombie University Daily Log- Entry 8

Zombie University Daily Log- Entry 8. And so began week 2!. Zombie University Daily Log- Entry 3- Return to the Living Dead This is the second official week oft

And so began week 2!

Zombie University Daily Log- Entry 3- Return to the Living Dead
This is the second official week ofthe infection at URI. Here' s the news from the
Last Friday' s mission was a complete success; the subject was safely escorted to the
evacuation point. The rest of us have decided to staunchly defend what is ours until the
zombies are defeated.
Tom was bitten during said mission, He is lost to us, as is his great sword, Zenki
which is translated to Zombie Destroyer. Honor dictates it be recovered.
Max was also lost again. Apparently homemade nunchucks are ineffective at zombie
repelling unless wielded by someone with actual skills.
On the flipside, Ryan has become immune to the necrotizing virus. Lord knows how,
but he did it. Researchers are trying a new formula based en his blood to create an
antidote bomb; evidently the original antidote used en me last week is now ineffective.
There are about a dozen others like him, so we have a solid defense force new.
Enough news from the front, en to how my day went.
Getting, to my Ram Biology class was tie problem; getting out was a bit more
interesting, The only other survivor in that class is new a freak. A brain-
hungry freak with tqc) stalking skills whatsoever. Saw the "sneak" as he came up the
hill and tried to jump me. I let him slip around me, then got on a bus headed across
campus. Ne sense drawing attention to myself. I was forced to cut down another
zombie en my way from the bus stop, though, Killed it quickly and silently.
Despite my admirable covert movements getting around campus, I must admit they
were somewhat wasted. I saw tie other zombies until after I went back to campus. I
have a position with the Mentor/ , so I go to an elementary school twice
a week from I to 3, and en Mondays I have to go back for a class.
I got back a little early today, As I sat en the front porch Hall, sipping a
root beer, a killsteal walked by, armed to the teeth and packing serious heat. They had
recieved word of a zombie gathering outside Swan Hall, net 100 yards away. I
finished my met beer and was geing to join them when I actually counted the zombies.
There were only four,
Four? That made no sense, I thought to myself. Four zombies is not a 'gathering,' it' s
barely a group. It had to be a trap. I would have told the killsteal that it was a trap, but
they were tee an of bravado and testosterone to listen. Cowardly though it sounds, I
slipped away, Better to live and fight another day.
I was proven right net two minutes later. The killsteal came barging back through
Washburn, They had actually stopped and counted the zombies, There were fully one
dozen ghouls, Even with me, the odds would have been against us; bad
odds, given we' re not Greeks. They reached the same conclusion half a moment after
I had and fallen back, intact but for their pride.
I' m beginning to worry. The Resistance numbers only about 125, and the zombies
have swelled to 80 since last week. Even with the Immune, we don' t hold much of an
advantage, To put it in perspective, this time last week there were only zombies.
They' been feeding. A let.
In any case, I made it off campus again. But tomorrow' s another grisly day at Zombie
university, and who knows? I may make that third pass at Death' s door, I' been
lucky- VERY lucky- but only because I' been mere careful. I' m bound to slip at
some point, and the zombies are still getting craftier.
I' m also consdering a laser sight for the Maverick.
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User avatar #24 - JaxTeric (03/16/2010) [-]
this is so epic. i would love to be in this so much. god dammit, what state and college is this i want to sign up for it. or maybe start my own hmmmmm...
User avatar #18 - RoronoaZoro (03/10/2010) [-]
Nooooo! Not Tom! May his awesome sword swinging, zombie killing soul rest in piece. Epic story man. cant wait to see how far it goes...
User avatar #16 - foxyzombie (03/08/2010) [-]
too long. NEXT!
User avatar #17 to #16 - mememan (03/09/2010) [-]
Illiterate. NEXT!
#10 - John Cena (03/08/2010) [-]
how does this 'immunity' work? i quite like your campuses twist on the rules..
User avatar #13 to #10 - mememan (03/08/2010) [-]
Not sure. I guess he's a berserker now...he's been dual-wielding longswords.
User avatar #8 - moldycheese (03/08/2010) [-]
lol something about this was in my local newspaper, may i sugest the gatlin gun, a bit bulky ,but worth it.

Pretty epic telling of it tho
User avatar #12 to #8 - mememan (03/08/2010) [-]
No it's not. The wind's been high lately and fouls dart guns' aim like mad. Besides, shortsword.
User avatar #14 to #12 - mememan (03/08/2010) [-]
Also, on top of all the friggin books I have to haul around, you want me to tote a 10-pound gun?
User avatar #2 - RipperMan (03/08/2010) [-]
i was thinking of making a foam kunai and chain...would b fun
User avatar #4 to #2 - mememan (03/08/2010) [-]
Also unwieldy as hell. We're zombie survivors, not ninjas for chrissakes.

Although, something like this with zombies v pirates...
User avatar #5 to #4 - mememan (03/08/2010) [-]
Scratch that, pirates v. ninjas.
User avatar #6 to #5 - RipperMan (03/08/2010) [-]
i dunno i'm really good with thrown weapons and if i can pull em back with the chain even better.....can zombies catch?
User avatar #7 to #6 - mememan (03/08/2010) [-]
Well yes and no. They're 'stunned' in the game when you hit them, but nothing's to stop them from holding onto the kunai that just hit them in the face.
User avatar #1 - doodadtwo (03/08/2010) [-]
love the series man. Is it an annual event?
User avatar #3 to #1 - mememan (03/08/2010) [-]
Dunno. This is the first one.
User avatar #9 to #3 - moldycheese (03/08/2010) [-]
waht happens to last survivor?
#11 to #9 - John Cena (03/08/2010) [-]
the survivors left standing at the end have to make it from one carpark to another without getting eaten i believe?
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