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If You Watch It Backwards Pt 3

If you watch Gran
Torino backwards,
it' s abut: a zombie
who becomes more
and more racist.
If you watch Hostel
backwards, it' s about
a teach Frankenstein
doctors who oft Ill!.'
d' ower" tools, bring
them to life and send
them to America.
iis: A
new 'iff, T Immune. In mums
her Lilili' i ' . I alien an III
menses Bill , in at . 1 Island
when helm: tumult! _ q e
backto' r: 3?” u realize
If you watch Mean Girls
moirail.. iig l"" II
aints' air; 1.
moneies: tira caelinnis, i' thed
3 an
restyle. l
iii' ‘vii
the jokes arent
to the plot,
It Hill] welsh Final ..
r as
its ; i_ i_ e termini] taim,
It In Hatch star New
Women ? "it" giatso
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