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User avatar #95 - winsauceiswin (08/26/2011) [-]
most over used song to youtube videos.

hello my name's allan and im going to show you how to knit a doily.
*let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the....

*face palm
User avatar #114 to #95 - otakusheriff (08/26/2011) [-]
Yeah, I'll agree.
It was a good song when it first came out.
User avatar #128 to #114 - maggotinfantry (08/26/2011) [-]
The one time it was appropriately used: Video montage from Generation Kill.

Starts off with marines singing their own version, then lots of combat footage. Pretty beastly. Epic show btw for those that haven't seen it.
User avatar #130 to #128 - otakusheriff (08/26/2011) [-]
Have you the link on hand?
User avatar #136 to #130 - maggotinfantry (08/26/2011) [-]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOY-0Ag7GIc <-- If the url is blocked out, the name of the video is Generation Kill - Drowning Pool - Bodies.
User avatar #147 to #136 - otakusheriff (08/26/2011) [-]
oh yeah, I remember that show. I used to watch it all the time. Haven't watched it in awhile, though.
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