If You Watch it Backwards Comp. Part 2 is up /funny_pictures/2528700/If+You+Watch+It+Backwards+Pt+2/ /youtube/2525977/WEIRDEST+GAME+EVER/. If you . curious Case

If You Watch it Backwards Comp

If you . curious
Case of Benjamin Button
backwards, it' s about a
normal guy.
with Mile Kunai
3333311!) watch Charlie Sheen.‘ -1 life-
bitf, ability to sneeze cosine.-
n these
If you watch
Rambo back-
wards, it' s
Stallone healing
people with his
magical bullet
tyw! ita g; A
If you ") ed' lizardy! tysta:: devart? ii,
f teii' : iall
karate eh' §* m p" ii: who slowly
itle' s'. l: tart' assert, ii, gatsby and ends up
i( tii owing" Kitti' i' " Jersey.
E-* you waitta, The Kin "s
Speech rds,
about the King of England
losing his crown and
tiktik 'l' which'
Inn! llortt.: MI ,
WEIB, starrt
If you watch Supperman
backwards, it' s about a
guy who flies around,
putting people into
precarious situations,
then hiding. lic.. "
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Submitted: 08/23/2011
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#44 - robanderson (08/24/2011) [-]
I just cannot take this film seriously anymore...
I just cannot take this film seriously anymore...
#35 - slurpphc (08/24/2011) [-]
If you watch High School Musical backwards, it's about a bunch of singers who all say "We're gay as **** " and go off into their little groups.
#15 - GrandPubah (08/24/2011) [-]
My favorite
#33 to #21 - anon (08/24/2011) [-]
haha is funn cause she cannot see anything ahaaa
User avatar #17 to #15 - pyrofreak (08/24/2011) [-]
u win
User avatar #26 to #17 - ScruffytheJanitor (08/24/2011) [-]
U Wins? That bastard! He always wins!
User avatar #41 - ganjalileo (08/24/2011) [-]
wrong! if you watch the curious case of benjamin button backwards, its about an entire world of people who start out old and get younger, still making him the only person with a backwards life.
User avatar #51 to #41 - BlueGamma (08/24/2011) [-]
but it's still about a normal guy...
User avatar #34 - warbek (08/24/2011) [-]
actually, if you watch benjamin button backwards, it's about a normal guy, except he climbs into a vagina
User avatar #46 to #34 - dabuddah (08/24/2011) [-]
And he becomes a pedophile...
#30 - guzmeister **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#60 to #30 - anon (08/24/2011) [-]
And he runs backward for some odd reason.
User avatar #67 - WolfRider (08/24/2011) [-]
if you watch any movie backwards
you would be unable to understand the conversations held between the cast members
#70 to #67 - thebadseeds (08/24/2011) [-]
Apart from the occasional subliminal satan worship encouraging message
User avatar #54 - deathmat (08/24/2011) [-]
If you watch Skyline backwards.
Its still **** .

If you watch jaws backwards.
Its about a shark that throws up so many people they have to open a beach.

If you watch harry potter backwards its about a kid who looses his magical powers and becomes suicidal and locks himself away under the stairs.

If you watch Lord of the rings backwards, its about a small guy who find a ring and spends 3 films walkign bck
User avatar #48 - Iseewhatudidthar (08/24/2011) [-]
If you watch Twilight Backwards it's still ****
User avatar #31 - wacemindu (08/24/2011) [-]
Wouldn't the case on benjamin button backwards be guy in a world where everyone ages backwards?
User avatar #58 - Thehomelessman (08/24/2011) [-]
If you watch The Hangover backwards its about a group of friends in Las Vegas who finds a guy on the roof, goes out in wacky adventures, takes some roofie laced drinks and goes back home.
User avatar #42 - cfeuer (08/24/2011) [-]
sneezing cocaine......i need pictures of this.
#32 - anon (08/24/2011) [-]
sleeping with mila kunis is tha best way to cure insanity
#28 - AllanLancebricole (08/24/2011) [-]
After reading this post, I was going to go to the last page, instead of the next. Stupid backwards comp !
#45 to #28 - anon (08/24/2011) [-]
Feelin a bit oddish?
#24 - iwasfrozentoday (08/24/2011) [-]
Very nice comp. I lost it at the Superman one ;D  
Gif unrelated
Very nice comp. I lost it at the Superman one ;D

Gif unrelated
#14 - chanson **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #59 - lupislord (08/24/2011) [-]
If you watch spiderman backwards:
It's about a spider-themed super-hero who dumps a girl, creates a green goblin who fixes things, gets bitten by a spider, and is now to afraid of spiders to use his powers and spends the rest of his life trying to impress the girl he dumped
User avatar #43 - snivymaster (08/24/2011) [-]
did anyone else get a boner at the black swan one..?
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