Top 5 List of Awesome: Rebels. List of Awesome: Gays: /funny_pictures/2522730/Top+5+Awesome+Gays/. King leonidas: leader oi no Simian warriors decending their h List of Awesome
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Top 5 List of Awesome: Rebels

King leonidas: leader oi no Simian
warriors decending their homeland
against the Persian moire.
outnumbered, and against all odds, this
guy lead his hoods to an hill
shiiet and had a bouble thousand
helpings. Netti stun, dining in hill!!! And
he' s more than okay with that
F. reemember reemember the tth oi
November and how isulting awesome this
guy was. include marshy
against totalitarian British government,
and slow dancing with Natalie Portman.
Essentially. he took down l' arugment with a
bouble oi unites, a train, and a honeh oi
masks. on and he' s an idea [and those
things are melting
Tiller norden: This guy is irom the movie
and you do not with him.
he' s against the way oi lite
and will mow uh shit with man. Turned a
elch oi men into loot
soldiers tor Proceed Mayhem and hagan a
war against the consumer world. Mt
most ", you don' t talk about
William wallabe: The Protagonist oi
Brat/ elkhart he one day got sillt and tired
oi English rule, and deemed, "melt this
shit, let' s round uh some semis and
he an gill: a sneeuw that will
shatter your world and will hum! you uh
at the same time. And he' s Mel I: ihsow,
and you don' t even wanna try to start
something with Mel I: ihsow.
Admiral : This Mon I: alinari was in
elarge and at large when the attackt
against the second heath star was going
on. when trails were cannoning irom leit
to right, guess who gave the heads uh?
That' s right, Admiral god damn . he
runs this intergalactic war tor the melting
thrill oi it!! he' s not iust winning, he' s
Admiral winning charlie
sheen winning!!!
thumb .
hatas attr more
lists tta .
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#2 - anon
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(08/24/2011) [-]
#5 - King Leonidas led a group of nationalist/ loyalist greeks against the invading persians =/= a rebel

#4 - V inspired a revolution, not a rebellion =/= a rebel

#3 - Anarchist/ Terrorist =/= a rebel

#2 - A rebel

#1 - Also a rebel

3/5 of your "awesome rebel leaders" are not actually rebels or leaders of rebellions
#1 - anon
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(08/23/2011) [-]
Do superheroes and supervillians.