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#161 - anonymous (08/24/2011) [-]
America, **** yeah!

But seriously. I'm probably going to own one or two guns when I'm older. However, I don't understand why some people have like 50 guns.
User avatar #227 to #161 - supermegasherman (08/25/2011) [-]
more is better. why have 1 gun when you could have 50? pretty ******* obvious to me
User avatar #195 to #161 - Ninjabears (08/24/2011) [-]
You won't understand until you have them. It's really fun to go shooting dude. And you know, just in case.
User avatar #180 to #161 - MaxFabian (08/24/2011) [-]
2 words: zombie apocalypse.
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