Watching Movies Backwards. Part 2-/funny_pictures/2513669/Watching+Movies+Backwards+2/ Part 3-/funny_pictures/2518582/Watching+Movies+Backward+3/. What Happens  Watching Movies Backwards Part 2-/funny_pictures/2513669/Watching+Movies+Backwards+2/ 3-/funny_pictures/2518582/Watching+Movies+Backward+3/ What Happens
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Watching Movies Backwards

What Happens
If You Watch
Part 1
If you watch the
movie Jaws
backwards, it' s
about a shark
that keeps
throwing up
people until
they have to
open 'x, beach.
Mir, wattle 127 Hours
Bach dds
ll will watch than lla[: l( , IT': about
The K, thing, hum ,Eill, '
ll will ' DWI Destination
gruesome gamins
that :
If you watch Remember The Titans
backwards, its about Denzel
Washington turning a
community into a bunch of racista
m you ‘Iva Groundhog
Day backwards, ifs
esse eally (he same
Earn " only Bill Murray
gets rid of his girlfriend,
becomes an asshole and
moves out of town
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