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Harry Potter Comp 4

My tth Harry Potter Fa
Comp. ENJOY!!
aall. Tltj' ' the Latin word for
female warrior.
In an interview, Emma Watson
said that she would sometimes
be referred to as "
Watson". Meanwhile, Dan was
Dan" and Rupert
was "Reido Rupert".
Due to ' s malice
and the locket being
compatible, her Patronus was
strengthened by Voldemort);
fragmented soul.
iii. Rowling had Harry and
Ron save Hermione from a
troll in the first book because
she felt there needed to be
something "literally huge" to
bring them together.
24 l
Viktor Krum fell in love with
a girl back home in Bulgaria.
Eur l.
The Death Eater' s Dark
Marks will eventually fade
to look like a scar. They
will no longer burn or
all. Rowling had thong ht of
naming the seventh novel
Harry Potter and the Elder
Wand. She also considered
Harry Potter and the
The seemingly random number
of Sirius' s vault, 71 l, is also the
number ofthe page on which
Sirius falls through the veil in
the British version of Order of
the Phoenix.
The Resurrection Stone was
trampled into the ground of
the Forbidden Forest by ti'
In Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore
has what appears to be a
model ofthe Deathly Hallows
in his study.
Importers' acts
Severus Snape is loosely
based on a chemistry teacher
that Mi. Rowling once had.
Sarfati and Padme Patil are
both portrayed in the movies as
Gryffindor; However, Padme
was sorted into Ravenclaw in
the books.
The last words we hear both
Lily Potter and Severus Sinatra
say are
234- Li
Cm Chang was shown to still be
attending Hogwarts in Deathly
Hallows Part 2, as she was wearing
her robes and standing with her
fellow Stii! ! , l when in fact she
was a year older than Harry and had
already completed her seventh
year" lupu’[ tel‘ facks
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