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#967 - MongooseNinjaPwner
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(08/16/2011) [-]
Hey at least me and you can hurt together bro im in love with my best friend since we were little kids and I finally wrote him a note along the lines of "I'm gonna be honest with you cause my hearts racing and you deserve to know I love you I ******* love you since 2nd grade I've always liked you and always had feelings I felt so ******* bad when I left cause I was leaving someone special I ******* hate all your gf's cause I feel like they don't realize they have a good guy no a amazing guy and I want to hurt anybody that hurts you cause I love you you make my heart skip a beat when I see your name I regret not seeing you and probably hugging you for the hour I got to see everyone I hate this distance I miss you so ******* much that's why I'm awkward and that's why I hurt sometimes cause you don't realize how much I want you that's all.." his reaction was just a "oh" and told me he only wanted to be friends.. Girls get friend zoned to guys..