Love Tale (Continuation). This is the original post: /funny_pictures/2464318/Love+Tale/ Thank you for reading. Hello Funnyjunk, As some of you may remember, ',  Love Tale (Continuation) This is the original post: /funny_pictures/2464318/Love+Tale/ Thank you for reading Hello Funnyjunk As some of may remember '
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Love Tale (Continuation)

Love Tale (Continuation). This is the original post: /funny_pictures/2464318/Love+Tale/ Thank you for reading. Hello Funnyjunk, As some of you may remember, ',

This is the original post:
Thank you for reading

Hello Funnyjunk,
As some of you may remember, ',
I posted this last week
If you have not read the original,
T have posted a link in the description.
This is the continuation of that story
I feel like T owe you guys the details,
so I am going to to share with you the
whole story
it' s a bit long,
so bare with me. .. ff. Bert
After I had completed the painting,
T have been searching for an opportunity
to present the birthday gift to her.
A few days ago, I got a call from her
she explained that she missed a few
FedEx packages.
and she really wanted to go to the post
office to retrieve them
She offered to cover gas if I can
drive her there whenever I have time
T agreed to take her there without accepting
the money
The drive wasn' t a really big deal for me.
Plus T thought this was a God given chance
for me to give her the present.
Things were friendly during the ride,
we joked around, small chats.
When we reach the post office,
she had three packages
She immediately open two in the car,
they were accessories for her phone.
And then there' s a huge third one,
she claimed it to be a birthday present
from her friend,
that had been sitting in the post office
for over two weeks.
On the ride back
she said, "T hope it' s not flowers in that
cuz I can' t handle the smells,
and they are practically useless,
they probably would have died over the two
weeks in the box"
she proceeded and said that she hates
In my head: "luckily my painting doesn' t
smell or die, I guess..."
When we got back to her place,
she invited me in.
After a few minutes,
T gave her the painting
she was really happy and thanked me
then I showed her to the mirror part
She didn' t quite get it at first,
but she really liked it as soon as she
understood it
She said she wants to hang it up when she
moves to her new apartment at the end of
this month
Before I got the chance to tell her about
how I feel,
she proceeded and open the third package...
the two weeks old box
she opened the box
and there really were...
still alive
and very healthy
From her exgirlfriend,
potted orchid shipped from the store
a scentless plant
It has a note that says,
this orchid can live over two and a half
if it is tended right.
All her attentions were instantly shifted
to the plant.
She was like, "what' s up with flowers today"
Then she proceeded to water it,
find a sunny spot for it
and started reading the tending
After that, we chat for a little bit,
things got friendly between us
I then gathered my courage,
And ask if she would go out with me...
she said that she sees me only as a friend.
so she kindly rejected it.
I found out from some of our mutual friends
that Tomorrow ,
she' s taking a bus
to meet up with her ex. ..
he lives in a different town,
and she gonna stay there for a week..
No pictures or words can describe how
shitty I am feeling now. _
here' s a happy dog >
Luck was never my friend,
but I didn' t realize it hated me so much.
Tomorrow is MY birthday..
Sorry funnyjunk it took so long,
it wasn' t easy for me to type this out.
T want to thank you all for spending time
to read my two posts,
re means a lat to me.
Sorry T let you all down.
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