Harry Potter Comp 3. moar will be on the way if this does well pottermore /funny_pictures/2493612/POTTERMORE+WANT/ part 1: part 1: /funny_pictures/2476254/Harry Harry Potter Comp 3 moar will be on the way if this does well pottermore /funny_pictures/2493612/POTTERMORE+WANT/ part 1: /funny_pictures/2476254/Harry
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Harry Potter Comp 3

My third addition to the
Harry Potter Facts " In
Every 30 seconds, somebody
begins reading Harry Potter.
When asked if Emma Watson
was a good kisser, after a few
seconds of intense thought,
Rupert Grim replied "Yeah,
she is."
Harry Potter is the only
wizard who has had all 3
Unforgivable Curses cast
on him, and still survived.
Neville Longbottom
became the Herbology
professor at Hogwarts.
Rowling said that Lily
Evans may have grown to
love t?. rial roe romantically if
he wasnt so drawn to the
Dark Arts.
17 T
Allthough Mrs. Norris seems
smart for a cat, to the
point that many have suspected she is
a cat/ cross like ,
an Animagus, or Filch' s familiar.
However, , Rowling has stated on
her website that she Must a highly
unpleasant cat,
After Kingsley Shacklebolt
became the new Minister of
Magic, he told all who
participated in the Battle of
Hogwarts they could have a job
as an Auror without N. E. W. T. s.
In 2007, Maggie Smith,
the actress who plays
Minerva Mcgonagall, was
diagnosed with breast
cancer. She insisted "the
show must go on."
The smallest animal to be
brought on set was a
The largest animal to be
brought on set was a
l, illillillillillill
J. K. Rowling
considered making
Neville kill
Bellow»: Lestrange as
l] I olderfags
Some of the portraits
in Hogwarts "A' Inital,
actually portraits of
the producers.
There are
different spiecies
of dragon.
Severus Shape is the
only Death Eater who
can preclude Cl
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