Skyrim Facts 2. As i promised, the part two is here. Part one: /funny_pictures/2480369/Skyrim+Facts/ Part three : /funny_pictures/2484286/Skyrim+facts+number+3/ skyrim facts Number funny fun the game
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Skyrim Facts 2

Dual wielding spells and weapons will be an option. For
instance, you will be able to wield a spell in both hands,
casting it with one hand will make less, and casting it with both
will make more damage.
The Draugr (undead nordic warriors) will see a comeback in
Skyrim. They were featured in Morrowind: expansion
Draugr in Morrowind
Draugr in Skyrim
Taverns will serve as important locations in the game.
Players will be able to overhear conversations, collect
rumors, begin quests, acquire information and much
Dragon encounters will not be scripted events. These
Dragons may attack towns and cities during its travels, which
may cause it to be set ablaze.
Skyrim will be about the same size as Cyrodil. It has been
confirmed that there will be 5 gigantic cities and 20 towns
each town with buildings)
Archers will be able to hold their breath, an action that increases
accuracy and consumes stamina.
A new system described as "Magnetism" in French PSN in which
your attacks will automatically find their ways to enemies (much
like the auto targeting system in the Assasins Creed games) will
be introduced in the game.
There will be less skills than in Oblivion, which means some of
the skills will be merged together (merchandice and speechcraft)
and some will be excluded (Mysticism). Enchanting will become
a skill.
new my new w
The faces will be dramatically improved, with the ability to show
more emotions than in Oblivion.
Oblivion face vs, Skyrim face
If you get good friends with someone you can ask them to follow
you on your journey.
Would you want him for a companion?
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