That high comp part 3. Part 2: /funny_pictures/2466575/That+High+Comp+2/. That High Comp After smoking a spliff in the woods behind our dorms my friends and I b funny hilarious weed marwana Smoke that High
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That high comp part 3

That High Comp
After smoking a spliff in the
woods behind our dorms my
friends and I began to tell each
other about our spirit animals.
one of my friends says that when
you see your spirit animals while
high its mother nature
communicating with you. Just
then a deer comes out from
behind some trees, stops, looks
and me and then continues on. I
whisper as tears fill my eyes, "my
spirit animal is a deer." That
Was riding in my car the other
day and thought I smelt
something burning, so I turned
down my radio so I could smell it
better. That High.
dancing around in my room
listening to the most upbeat song
ever. only to realize that it was
actually the wind and decided
that Lady Gaga ain' t got **** on
the wind. Then a bird started
chirping and I started smiling at
the idea of the bird coming in,
yelling out "remix" and Joining in
on the song. i spent the next 30
minutes Just enjoying that perfect
moment of happiness. That High.
I turned my friends xbox at a 60
degree angle to make it an Xbox
420. That High.
I smoked a bowl then was driving
home, an hour away. I developed
an intimate bond with the truck in
front of me. I felt like it was my
mama elephant and I was its
baby holding onto its tail. I
almost cried when it changed
lanes. That high.
I I for another
FAS _ My face if you
My face if you
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dubs *roll 2*
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**Lifesnova rolls 06** dubs
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**gearhead rolls 99** dubz
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That was pretty good, I must say. You got a few laughs out of me...especially the potato one. Awesome.
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