cremation. lol<br /> OMG I MADE IT TO THE FRONT PAGE FR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDDD. 141' T% k: ht WOULDA‘. its the davinchi code! Ash
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User avatar #2 - SgtYoda (03/04/2010) [-]
its the davinchi code!
User avatar #3 to #2 - EasyEnzie (03/04/2010) [-]
holy ****
User avatar #1 - SgtYoda (03/04/2010) [-]
tilt your screen up.
#6 to #1 - Viruzzz **User deleted account** (03/05/2010) [-]
holy ass how'd you know that
User avatar #7 to #1 - TURDSANDWICH (03/05/2010) [-]
**TURDSANDWICH rolls 456,432,395** how the hell did you see that?
#4 - anon (03/05/2010) [-]
HolyCrapMuffins! o_o
There's a hidden message in this picture! O_O
Look at it sideways, from the bottom or from the top
Or as SgtYoda said: Tilt your screen up

Cookies for the one who's able to read the whole thing!
#5 to #4 - SoapMacTavish **User deleted account** (03/05/2010) [-]
Idk what it says but i do know its a passage from the bible
#8 to #5 - doukosiwo (03/05/2010) [-]
i think it was in a newspaper or something
#9 to #4 - anon (03/05/2010) [-]
it looks as though to be a comic picture but when i tilted my screen it looked like as douko said, a newspaper but when i looked more it lookes as soap said, a passage from the bible. its probably both :/
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