Scary ass ghost pictures compilation!. You weren't planning on sleeping soon, were you? Part2: /funny_pictures/2464620/Scary+ass+ghost+pictures+PART+2/. This ph scary baby is wa
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Scary ass ghost pictures compilation!

Scary ass ghost pictures compilation!. You weren't planning on sleeping soon, were you? Part2: /funny_pictures/2464620/Scary+ass+ghost+pictures+PART+2/. This ph

You weren't planning on sleeping soon, were you?
Part2: /funny_pictures/2464620/Scary+ass+ghost+pictures+PART+2/

This photo was taken in 1919. The apparition in it is
reported to be of Freddy Jackson. Freddy was an air
mechanic who suffered an accidental death by airplane
propeller two days earlier.
This photo was taken in 1959 by a woman named Mabel Channery. She snapped a
photo of her husband as he sat in the car alone during a visit to the graveyard. It
wasn' t until the film was developed did Mabel realized that the photo captured far
more than just her husband in the front seat. The photo also revealed mysterious
figure sitting in the back seat, bearing a striking resemblance to Mabel' s mother.
In 1996, Ike Clinton thought it would be a pretty cool idea to deck himself out in
cowboy attire and have his friend snap a picture of him while he stood in Foothill
Graveyard in the famous Tombstone, Arizona. Upon examining the picture Clinton
noticed a man in the background of the photo that was not there when the
photograph was taken. Clinton was intrigued by this and set out to recreate the
photo with a friend standing in the background and discovered it was impossible to
recreate the picture without having the legs visible.
on November 19, 1995 Wem Town Hall in England caught on fire. The fire raged
on all through the night until the building was nothing but rubble. As firefighters
battled the flames, a local citizen, Tony , decided to snap some pictures
of the event. In one of his photographs there appears to be the clear image of a
little girl standing in front of the inferno. No one remembered a young girl being
at the scene and there was definitely not a young girl in the burning building.
Some believe this is the ghost of a young girl named Jane Charm who, in 1677,
accidentally started a fire that destroyed many homes in the town. Jane also died
in the fire. Perhaps the photo is just smoke creating the amazing illusion of a girl
or perhaps it is a real ghost.
This photograph is considered by many to be the most famous "ghost"
photograph. It was taken in 1936 at Farnham Hall in Norfolk, England and
still today cannot be explained. The photogenic ghost is thought to be that
of Dorothy Townshend who lived in Farnham Hall with her husband,
Charles Townshend, in the . Legend has it that Dorthy was a mistress
to Lord Wharton and Charles found out about it. He then imprisoned her
in a remote section of the Hall until she died from his abuses. Legal
records show she died in 1726, but many believe this to be a sham, as
Charles wanted people to believe she was dead, so he could punish her
for her infidelity.
In 1966, Rev. Ralph Hardy visited the National Museum in Greenwich, England.
While in the Queen' s House section of the Museum, Hardy snapped a photo of the
beautiful staircase. Upon developing his photography Hardy made a shocking
discovery. one of his photos showed a ghostly figure climbing the staircase. The
figure was not in the photography when Hardy took the picture. The photograph and
the negatives were examined by experts, some of which were from Kodak, and all
have concluded that the negative was not tampered with nor is it a double
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