When You See It. ... you'll bricks.. awsome Rock woman weird
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User avatar #2 to #1 - Trentagon [OP](03/04/2010) [-]
fyi i have only recently started to upload things to funnyjunk and i can proudly announce with a tear in my eye that you sir are the 1st to ever comment on something :) well done, if i had a lolly by god you would be getting it (but i don't)
User avatar #3 to #2 - KeelanWeston (03/04/2010) [-]
haha oh well thank you :P i would thumbs up but i too am new and can't till tommorrow rate things
User avatar #7 - babz (03/06/2010) [-]
She has rock hard abs!
User avatar #8 to #7 - Trentagon [OP](03/06/2010) [-]
bedum chh
#6 - anon (03/05/2010) [-]
wuz tat dun on purpose?
#5 - anon (03/05/2010) [-]
da dada da da da da da dada da da da da da dun dun dun dun...............
here comes rock wornan!
#4 - taliesalevon **User deleted account** (03/05/2010) [-]
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