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girl help 002

Every mule you Sail. e at your gif' Iff' lend,
t May Mean a Little to you, but t
Means the worn! to HEM. Don' t take the
Lott. e twigs For granted.
No Matter What you say, your -
glf' Iff' iend is a bad person Dom homer
trying to ' Nce Her otherwise, tnat Is a
bad Idea.
It' s good to be Senstive, to a ?owt.
F you and wrong, apologize.
ellen F you didn' t, do t
You and somethimg bad. seems
Cool. WW t. Ste USN' t.
She is by Nature.
Your gif' l. Ff' iend doesn' t wave Her was
every day so Just get over t
Stave your Face, No Matter How Cool.
you WINK your some or heard Looks, We
probally Hates t. Hey We you
How ow a Little. ‘Hey mink its cute
You are Her boyfriend, Her Mam Her
protector, ' you know t or Not,
you are ACT LIKE IT!!!
You are cute w I' '
Hey Love t WHEN you Hug HEM Rom
betted am! ‘ IN weir ear.
We" NEVER m appropriate response
WHEN Site asks you How Site Looks.
Most OF the We Fantasies,
ts about you WHY obsess or/ er mat.
we expects you to can Her. F you
don' t, you F down
Your glf' Iff' iend IS More Fof' gill's off you
We really . d be. DOM you dare
take advantage OF Wat.
WHEN We compares Her n. ablo army to
a kangaroo POUCH, say Notting.
You Look Hot IN sexy tems.
You Never teu. a an mat to do.
My (Mt may WILL ask a an out to
Her Face. I Mew; F you aren' t WIN
to ask a an out to Her Face, Who says
you' re sow be Man enough to be Her
boyfriend at an
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