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no internet

Things To Do When The Internet Goes Out
can happen aims most but all we have name Dreadful experience odour one true
we lawng us our one true We new The Internet Wham an ‘ no wen access? How an you
commentate and emenem yourselfes/ hath at a when the Internet gees out we
we getting a Snow Day What on you an mm
organize your ma playlists: Normally you' d be on Facebbok
or watching youtube videos all day while you' re supposed to
be doing your work. But with the web down what a more
constructive way to blow free time than alphabetizing your
MPA' s into playlists like "Just Justin" - an all Justin
Justin Timberlake playlist.
Discover the Free Games on your computer: when is the last
time you played Minesweeper? Seriously? who needs a Facebuck
App when you can play hours of internet access free
Minesweeper‘ or if you' re really daring you can play a game
of cards. Nah, better stick to Minesweeper.
A mere it were ta.“ an win an K
We dawn - Mum can hub you dem W tour
deems. cums balloon tn stun themed.
clean up The unused Icons on your Desktop: you know how you
always get that pop up on your windows PC that tells you,
you have “unused icons on your desktop?” No one in the
history of computing has ever clicked on this notice. Now
with no internet service you can be the first.
Talk to People in person: you know those bipedal beings you
keep bumping into in the space between your computer and the
bathroom? Those are people. They are the offline avatars of
the people you chat with all day. you can communicate
with them in person by moving your mouth and making sounds
come out. Try it outl
use up all of your cell phone' s Data plan: New that everyone
has smart phones you can always access the web on your
phone‘ when your wireless goes out at home you immediately
Jump on your cell, however this usually leads to racking up
more download charges and debt then the an of some third
world countries.
keep Rechecking your Non Working lanai They say that when
someone loses an arm they have phantom pains of their
missing limb. Its’ sort of the same thing with the web. you
know it' s not working but you keep hitting send/ receive
Dust off your Television: Before the internet people (see
above) watched something called television which was sort of
like youtube but videos lasted for more than three minutes
even up to an entire hour‘ (For serious‘)
Feed your Animals: unlike Virtual pets, real animals require
actual food and water. It' s probably been a while since you
fed them.
Bathe and Groom Yourself: since most of your brain power is
focused on multitasking your sense of smell is probably
deadened from years of non use. New that you have freed up
some of your senses you' re probably noticing that odor.
Those are your arm pits. use soap and water to bathe and
that should go away.
start a cannibal cult: you' re tasty classmates or coworkers
you' re devouring may ask 'what does loss of the internet
connection have to do with eating?’ you can tell them that
it' s always best to plan ahead. Although you may have plenty
of food now, basic utilities like internet, power and water
are the first things to go in a crisis. so this internet
outage could spell big disaster‘ while others will be
fighting over spoiled food reserves, you will be surviving
nuclear war and the zombie apocalypse with a full belly of
Kevin the IT Guy. The Internet is still out Kevin!
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