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social networking sites

use - Wavy. x see w: u‘ reshi my
5 Hm ye 37:
MUM ' tubeyou?
Jade - _ Nassau.
mm W: e new -rad yeehee
new ago
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day Wye; um we en rahs, [knew]
berm: - we we we me, met: me, we meat
WHOM‘ y agr
ade, huw me we dew
my top -39:
Emma ewe rue Wee Jamison we
bitsh: wsa he lays: her Mum
mm; ended
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may thumby
Jeremy e no better may to twt pm mean my
In me Face's (ad was ‘(Du Jade. Yummy
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#19 - barelythinking
Reply +50 123456789123345869
(08/07/2011) [-]
User avatar #2 - alexianary
Reply +37 123456789123345869
(08/06/2011) [-]
I have never been so pissed off at someone I never even met in my entire life.
#53 - drum
Reply +35 123456789123345869
(08/07/2011) [-]
I accidentally read the whole thing...
#56 to #53 - wellfuckme **User deleted account**
-1 123456789123345869
has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #109 to #56 - accdodson
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(08/07/2011) [-]
who was phone?
User avatar #9 - fenrirx
Reply +34 123456789123345869
(08/07/2011) [-]
That Bernie fellow was the funniest. "You say sluts as if its a bad thing.

I love sluts. They're pretty awesome."
User avatar #132 to #9 - RisenLichen
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(08/07/2011) [-]
ik lol, "This thread is useless without pics"
I lost it at that
#81 - catdaddyswag
Reply +29 123456789123345869
(08/07/2011) [-]
"I didn't feel like having our relations lubricated by your vomit"
#71 - robskul
Reply +26 123456789123345869
(08/07/2011) [-]
This image has expired
why can't this happen on my facebook? :(
#82 to #71 - vermiculite
Reply +6 123456789123345869
(08/07/2011) [-]
Because you didn't have sexual relationships with Jade, which weirded you out so you swiftly broke contact, making her hate you in the process?
User avatar #3 - usmcmattymers
Reply +25 123456789123345869
(08/07/2011) [-]
this jade chick sounds fun in bed i would like to meet her lol
User avatar #72 - jigglepuff
Reply +24 123456789123345869
(08/07/2011) [-]
"who knew rape me, choke me, stick a thumb up my ass girl would be religious"

**** that made me lol
#67 - itzjoza
Reply +18 123456789123345869
(08/07/2011) [-]
I liked how the whole time Bernie was trying to get in that girl's pants
User avatar #5 - efgalaska
Reply +17 123456789123345869
(08/07/2011) [-]
holy balls i cant believe i read all that