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#14 - thecollegedropout
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(08/06/2011) [-]
True story:I was walking through my neighborhood A week ago when I spotted a 20 Dollar bill,I Picked it up like any of you ******* would,I decided to do a little experiment.So I went to my town center,And as I approached the busiest street I Exclaimed"Who dropped this 20 Dollar Bill?"Around 15 People surrounded me saying they had dropped 20 Dollars,I called them all liars and Proceeded to give the 20 Dollar Bill to a homeless man,The next day I decided to go see what the hobo was doing,But I just saw him asleep With 10 Double-Cheeseburgers From McDonald's,And a winning lottery ticket that gave him an extra 10 Bucks.(Pineapple unrelated.)
#491 to #14 - squizard
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(08/07/2011) [-]
True story also: A few years ago I was in a store and I saw some money on the ground so I go and pick it up, it was a 20 euro bill (I live In AMERICA so i have not a clue why it was there) but anyway i started to ask everyone in the store if they had dropped it but everyone was being truthful and said no so i ended up with 20 euros (story not as great as thecollegedropout's but owell) pic unrelated
#506 to #491 - thecollegedropout
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(08/07/2011) [-]
To all the liars in the store....
#114 to #14 - matttboyagain
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(08/06/2011) [-]
Yeah well you were kinda taking a chance there. He could have been the stereotypical hobo and bought booze. You never know that until you try though. Props for feeding the homless bro!
#62 to #14 - josieabby
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(08/06/2011) [-]
Dude. Pineapples are always related!

and awesome story!
#104 to #62 - matttboyagain
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(08/06/2011) [-]
I don't think pineapples are retarded...
#116 to #104 - josieabby
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(08/06/2011) [-]
related.  not retarded.  I love pineapples!  Turn that frown upside down!  :)
related. not retarded. I love pineapples! Turn that frown upside down! :)
#120 to #116 - matttboyagain
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(08/06/2011) [-]
Sorry I misread. I'm happy again!
#31 to #14 - luxxorz
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(08/06/2011) [-]
You are a good person and you should feel good about yourself.
#29 to #14 - nichsell
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(08/06/2011) [-]
#28 to #14 - stillanonymous
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(08/06/2011) [-]
what were you doing going through his stuff to see the lottery ticket?
#34 to #28 - thecollegedropout
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(08/06/2011) [-]
Funny enough,it was right next to him,And Tremendously surprised that no one had stolen it.(I have to add he had it clutched in his fist.)
#18 to #14 - deathzor
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(08/06/2011) [-]
People like you give me hope for the future.
#17 to #14 - MidgetInABikini
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(08/06/2011) [-]
People like you save the human race from absolute faggotry.