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#172 - mrflazworth (08/05/2011) [-]
Hello, i MR. Flazworth, sorry my English no good, you see im come from India.

my son is name Piddoo, he only 8 year old always come to this e-mail funnytrash, im sure you know him here because im sure my son is how you kids say this days, "super mega cool"on this site and his very good looking and everyone knows Indians are he best looking people on earth, so his in hospital right now because he no feeling good right now and other day i saw him mad and he say to me "dad, people on this trasy-junky site never give me green finger and i never get to the hall of fame for a picture i made" so i say "im going to get you to #1 on this e-mail" so i remember and type funnyjunk/come and i found this internet and i post his art everywhere until you make my son #1 and he becomes a super celeb and all the lady love him and he makes lots of money after he becomes super-mega famous all over the world and gets all the fingers.
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#182 to #172 - MidgetInABikini (08/05/2011) [-]
Fail llort is fail.
3/10 on the tr0ll-o-meter, but only because you're pretty funny.
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#178 to #172 - bribz (08/05/2011) [-]
still red thumbed bitch
still red thumbed bitch
#177 to #172 - agx (08/05/2011) [-]
TBH this made me lol
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#173 to #172 - thepsycho (08/05/2011) [-]
Damn that's a lot of text...
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