The Real Slim Shady Cat Edition. Dedz to shortbusterroris. ll ave your a en ion p ease. aic. t, y Maal have your attention please? Will the real slim kitty plea eminem cat kitty
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The Real Slim Shady Cat Edition

The Real Slim Shady Cat Edition. Dedz to shortbusterroris. ll ave your a en ion p ease. aic. t, y Maal have your attention please? Will the real slim kitty plea

Dedz to shortbusterroris

ll ave your a en ion p ease.
aic. t, y Maal have your attention please?
Will the real slim kitty please meow right now.
rig.. f b real Slim Kitt/ please meow rightnow
v' iif. -* . 9 g Were gonna have a problem here....
fencehater [H
Fall act like ! never seen a white kitty before
Claws all on the floor like Pam. like burst in the door
and started whoopin her ass worse than before
they first were divorce. throwin her over cat litter (Mema)
91 - shortbow ste brofist [H
its the return of the... "Ah. wait, no way. you' re kidding.
he hiss what I think he did. did he?'
fmt And Dr. Dre said... nothankyou idiots!
Dr. Dre s being neutered. he' s locked in the kennel! (/ W',
citi! tir. t' ': Pussy cats love Eminem.
shortbusterrorist [H
gr "Saim Kitty, I' m sick
In Look at him, splurting around Dickin his
Coughing up hairballs you know where." Yeah. but he s so cute though!"
Yeah, I probably got a couple of claws up in my paw loose
But no worse. than what' s goin on in your parents' bedrooms
Sometimes. Iwanna get on couch and just let loose. but cant
but its cool for Puppy dog to hump a dead squirrel
My burn is in yourface. my burn is in 'yourface"
92 - shorter ste brofist . H
And if I m lucky. you mightiest give it a little lick
And that' s the lesson that we delivered little kittens
And not to know what cat nip is
Cf course they gonna know what intercourse is
f old
stil' -' They got Scratching polls dont they?
I We aint nothing but pets.." Well. some offs cannibals
t who cut other cats open like furniture ]
But if we can hump thread and leather
then there' s no reason that a cat and another human cant elope
MEC)( .' j' But if you feel like I feel. I got the science diet cat formula
Pussycats wave your collars. purer the chorus and it goes
94 - shorter ste brofist H
Cause I' m Slim Kitty. yes I' m the real Kitty
All you other Slim Kittys are just co picots
So whatthe real Slim kitty please meow right now.
y Please meow right now. please meow right now?
95 - ste brofist H
Will Smith dont gotta hiss in his raps to sell his cat toys:
well I do. so fuck him and fuck you too!
You think! give a damn about a Toy mouse!?!?
Half of you cats cant even stomach me, let alone stand me
Why? So you guys could just lie to get me here?
So you can. lay me here next to Britney Spears?
I " Shit. Christina Aguilera better switch me pillows
I ll kill You so I can lay next to Carson Daly and Fred Durst
and hear em argue she gave yarn to first
You little bitch. put me in the kennel at the zoo
Yeah, hes; cute. but I think hes; owned by Kim, '
I should piss on the carpet at her house
and show the whole world how you gave Eminem litter box training []
I' m sick of you little pussy chowders. all you do is annoy me.
so I have been sent here to destroy you [bat]
And there' s herds just like me
who hiss like me: who just dont give a meow like me
who dress like me: walk. talk and act like me
and just might be the next best thing but not quite me!
like a lion to listen to, cause I' m only givin you
things you roll abouit with yourfriendy inside the kennel
The only difference is I got the balls to say it
in front of y' all and I dont gotta be cute at all
Ijust get on the counter and cough up a fur ball
and clean it Lip ['ERR'] Ijust shit on it
betterthan ninety percent of you cats out there can
eat, - Then you wonder how can cats eat up these albums like peanut butter
its funny: cause at the rate goin when I' m thirty
I' ll be the only person in the pound potty trained
scratching nurses asses when I' m jackin outwith
And I' m jerkin but this whole bag of cat nip
And every single person is a Slim kitty prowling
He could be workin at Burger King, coughin on your onion rings
HACH' l Dr in the parkin lot. chasing mice
Screaming "I dont give amok!"
with his ears tucked back and his tail up
So. will the real Shady please meow right now?
And put one of those nails on each paw up?
And be proud to be outta your cage and free to roam
and one more time, loud as you meow, how does it go?
M e ow M e ow
Guess there s a Slim Kitty in all offs
Fuck it. lets all mow
191 -Shortbusterrorist H
F , I put alot of time in this so you guys motherducking enjoy it.
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