Pokemon Conspiracy Theories Part 3. I don't think I'm going to get as many thumbs this time around because it's such a long-ass read, but I really enjoyed this  Pokemon conspiracy theories Penis
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Pokemon Conspiracy Theories Part 3

Pokemon Conspiracy Theories Part 3. I don't think I'm going to get as many thumbs this time around because it's such a long-ass read, but I really enjoyed this

I don't think I'm going to get as many thumbs this time around because it's such a long-ass read, but I really enjoyed this one, and I hope you do too! Comment on what you think I should do next!
#1! I love you all!
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Conspiracy Theories PART 3
This is my last Pokemon one, so
please comment on what next
conspiracy comp I should do!
1. Golduck' s and Psyduck' s names were switched
Psyduck is gold, while golduck has more psychic power t would
make more sense to have their names the otherway around
Psyduck Golduck
2. The pokemon regions are located in Japan
I' m unaware of where Unova is located, they
may have not included it as a part of Japan.
Since I' m running out , this comp is only going to
have 3. I saved the most theory for last.
3. Ash is in a coma during his entire Pokemon experience.
When Ash had the accident with his pike in one or the early episodes,
he actually rell into a coma He was round days later and treated with heavy
medication at the hospital This is why Team Rocket became less menacing The
medication took effect and stabilized his coma dreams, instead or bang terning,
they became idyllic, and hes able to we out his Pokemon This
explans why he doesnt change much physically Also, the worldwide socialism
can be explained INCH once again realize that this is a dream world, he thought
up a sare system or government that would run smoothly and keeps the world
going allowing his adventures to work like they do
t also explans a rew underthings, such as how a child can go off on his
own in a world rull or dangerous untamed animals, and why every Pokemon center
has the same exact nurse Joy and Jenny he knew raom his hometown, and they
act as a safety net or anchor, allowing him to reel sare no he goes
The professors, like the Joy' s and Jenny' s represent stability, and asds ideals
This is why Gary became a processor ts also the reason that even/ tune he
enters a new region, virtually no one has heard or him, despite his conquests, and
why Giovanni leads Team Rocket How could Paul, the ml or the sinnoh area,
not know or someone who has placed in at least the top is or all three leagues
and has destroyed the orange league and Battle Frontier?
Ash' s trawling partners are actually aspects or himseld he can alloy,
but doesnt like to associate with himseld Team Rocket are his qualities that he
deems "negative", but is coming to terms with Jesse and Gamesject want to
appease Giovanni
Brock is Ash' s repressed Sexually He rell into the coma a min and
needed an outlet ror his growing sexual frustrations since he can new
experience sex, Brock must new succeed Brock is a projection or his Sexually,
and is constantly shot down because Ash could never" know" sex This is also why
brook keeps coming memo the series, usually AFTER Ash meets a new girl
aspect or himseld Misty is an image that Ash had or a girl This is why she plays so
prevalently in the series but is ultimately unalienable because he new really knew
her before the coma Max came with May, she played the Id with great aspirations,
and he played the salable Ego that "Sesaon" They worked ror a little while but
Ash, bang a teenager, eventually had his Sexually had to come back into play He
kept reinventing himseld and eventually wrote new aspects, but his mind slowly
brought package old ones as a crutch to make the transition easier Dawn is Ash
giving himseld a chance to love since he already established Misty as someone
hes not likely to go anywhere with he created a new , one that was
more like him, and less all the time (Note that both May and Misty had no
tolerance ror Brock dawn seems to try and shrug it off)
Pekachu obliously represents Ash' s Humanity, hence the episodes
where they get separated, and ash wants desperately to rind him, even to the
point or working with the rockets t aspects or himseld he woould new normally
associate with) but ror some reason cannot They want to steal Pekachu Mans
humanity) and hand it oeto Giovanni Jesse and James will always oppose
ash because ash is terrified or the thought or his humanity lying in the hands or
the enemy Loserthis is the same reason that he will work with those
aspects or himseld in order's save his becoming reat out
LOST He couldnt evolve his Pekachu without challenging his concept or who he
was, something he wasnt comfortable with while he was still working through
his original issues
is the narrator The narrator is Ash' s higher mind,
recapping and explaining the progress hes made and the tribulations he will
race allowing itself insight into how best to awaken him
Team rocket are aspects or Ash' s personalitypage he has
deemed "bad" James implied homosexually, and bases varlets Vow!
rememberable Meowth has the potential ror rehabilitation, and doesn“ twant
to be em so yet again this rits in with the conflicting personalities and
demonized self theory Team rocket started because ash
had to come to terms with that part or himseld t was something he was able
to allow his gayban side to experiment with (and by virtue or that himseld)
When he round that twasnt something ror him, his "Free" side stopped
playing with it Further, their methods or capture become more and more
ludicrous (and physically Impossible) because Ash must a kid dreaming
these things up This is the reason Team Rockets disguises are always
pelleted He knows ts them (on some level), but chooses to ignore t so
he can better himseld, in a sense the Ash who wants to escape is
sabotaging the ash who wants to stay lost in his mind The Mer episodes
that don“ crocus on Ash and the gang are his mind working through, and
humanizing the parts or himseld that he demonized ts a way ror him to deal
with issues that Ash and crew wouldn“ itouch, because it involves treading
ground he himseld had sworn not to go near As I said, Team Rocket and the
episodes they occupy are Ash dealing with ground he reels uncomfortable
with tackling on his own
If one recalls, there were real animals early in the show and
references to animals in the game and show For example, a clear case to
point out is the or HM in the Cerulean city Gym outhit by the
Pokedex that Pekachu is a "ratlike" Pokemon But they dent matter's
Ash' s psyche so they dent come into play much If Ash had loved puppies,
enything would be about different breeds or dogs, and a dog righting
circuit But, as the series goes on longer, we' been seeing less realistic
animals and more Pokemon This could be a sign or Ash' s mind
deteriorating As hes in this coma, hes losing concepts or some animals
and machinery and replacing them with Pokemon t could explain things
like electric Pokemon working as power generators A sign that his
memory or the old world is slipping more and more as time goes by The
Pokemon realm will be idealized continuously the longer he has no stimulus
raom the real world He may or may not be mentally deteriorating _ but he is
becoming more accustomed to his rake worlds rules The wild Pokemon
are his rationalizations or the functioning or the world ts the "A wizard did
r Syndrome If he doesnt know how itlooks, his mind says Pokemon He
anything he cant explain with Pokemon, and real animals rall into
the background because he has no real Interest in them
As one could see, itsswo hubworld But like
every dream, enything, there is a beginning and an end What would
happen If Ash could rully recover? What would happen If he new does?
There are infinite branches or that spiral upwards and
intertwine towards the top at a single point, both in his "world" and the real
world In his hospital room, we see Delia, obliously distraught talking to a
doctorjosh a grim look in his eye He' s saying that their Insurance is up,
and the boy has had no change in bran seven years That a
shock like this may awaken him she tearfully agrees
Professor oak is there to comfort her as they take Ash off lire support
In Ash' s "world"
Ash has finally defeated the elite tour, and one by one the people around
him start disappearing eventually enything is black Pekachu comes
dashing towards him glowing wrighter and wrighter in the darkness
Eventually Pekachu reaches ash and the two embrace one last time
Back in his room, as his lire signs fade, Ash knitters his genuine, renal
I Want To Be,
The very Best
I know that one was really long but it was definitely worth
the read! This is the last I' ll be doing, give me
your feedback on what other videogames I should do
conspiracy comps on!
As always...
Don' t forget to thumb or thumb
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