Guranteed sex. tl;dr an elaborate way to have sex with a friend that involves future , you could just read the post though.... File :. gif-( 171 KB, 320x240, 12 sex
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Guranteed sex

Guranteed sex. tl;dr an elaborate way to have sex with a friend that involves future , you could just read the post though.... File :. gif-( 171 KB, 320x240, 12

tl;dr an elaborate way to have sex with a friend that involves future ****, you could just read the post though...

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CI Anonymous CE/ 30/ 09( Sat) 15: 41 No. 138752880
Pic unrelated)
So, youre in lave with ane of yourfriendy, but she has a boyfriend and probably wouldnt have sex with Wu
What Wu will need: I X knife, I X ring, access to a sunbed, the ability to grow a beard.
Step One: Place the ring an finger and amid contact with yourfriend for a month.
Step Two: Stop shaving and use the sunbed to gain a tan.
Will countinue, Just
CI Anonymous CE/ 30/ 09( Sat) 15: 42: 23 No. 138752960
Step Three: After a month when yam beard is full and saurian is noticeable, remove the ring from .
Step Four: Psmove all yam clothes and break into yourfriend' s house.
Step Five: Use the knife to cut yam body in Various places. maid the face. If passible, focus an yam back. The mare blood the better.
Step Six: Enter yourfriend' s bedroom and lie face dawn an the floor. Wait for her return.
CI Anonymous CE/ 30/ 09( Sat) 15: No. 138753049
Step Seven: When she enters the mam pretend to be unconscious. Allow Herta turn Wu dyer and try to wake Wu for a few seconds before Wu Wen
yam eyes. The injuries to yam body will serve as a distraction to yam nakedness. She will be mare concerned about instead offerring
the naked man in her mam.
Step Eight: When she asks Wu what' s happened Wu should ignore her questions. Instead Wu must act confused and ask the date. If it' s September
15th she will say 'September 15th' to which Wu must reply Na, what year is it?'
Step Nine: Upon hearing the year say the wards 'It worked.' Pretend to Ease consciousness again for a few seconds, implying that whatever it is that has
worked took a great effort.
CI Anonymous CE/ 30/ 09( Sat) 15: 43: 32 No. 138753146
Step Ten: If yourfriend is a curious person she will probably ask What worked?', even if she doesnt ask this question it is important that Wu new say
the wards {Insert Friend' s Name), I' m from the future' in yam mast deadpan mice.
Step Eleven: Pause fartin seconds to ofthe situation to sink in. There will be no reason for Herta doubt yam claim, because
yam beard will make Wu appear many years alder and yam cuts warld add weight to the idea that yams came from a postapocalyptic future where a
war is currently taking place.
Step Twelve: Raise yam left hand to yourface. All Women are very observant, SC) yourfriend will immediately notice the tanline an finger. If
she is educated to a decent standard she will realise that Wu are married and yam ring has simply disappeared, because clothing and ather items
cannot travel through time. Your nudity will support this.
CI Anonymous CE/ 30/ 09( Sat) 15: 44: 05 No. 138753251
Step Thirteen: Now cames the hard part - The monologue. In yam awn wards Wu must give a speech in which Wu mention all ofthose key points:
a) You are married to each ather in the future
b) Her current boyfriend is dead
c) The wand is coming to an end. It' s up to Wu to pick a reason, but I warld recommend a war against machines. This whale situation will be backed up
by the Terminater franchise
d) In the future yam relationship is not Wing well
e) Youve came back in time because Wu cant help but feel that she warld have been her current boyfriend if he hadnt been killed
Her current boyfriend is Wing to be hit by a bus an a day six months from her present. She should stop him Wing to wark that day
g) If she Wes exactly what Wu say this current Version of yourselfkill be erased and Wu will never get married. If she questions this flaw in
travel logic, because Wu cannot change the past, simply reference Back to the Future
CI Anonymous CE/ 30/ 09( Sat) 15: No. 138753346
Step Fourteen: Unless yourfriend is made of stone she will naw be overcame by emotion, especially at yam selflessness. Get to and go to
kiss her goodbye. It is important that Wu do this with the confidence afa man wha has done this to her many times.
Step Fifteen: There is naw no passible way that Wu aren' t about to have sex with her. Youre naked, kissing her, in her bedroom, agreeing to erase a
Version of history to make her happy. And as far as she gnaws yams had sex many times in a future that will no Sanger happen, SC) she
thinks to maybe she should have ane memery of it.
Step Sixteen: After having the sex, ask to barrow same clothes then leave.
CI Anonymous CE/ 30/ 09( Sat) 15: 45: 11 No. 138753454
Step Seventeen: Shave off yam beard and coat finger in fake tan. Carry an as if nothing has happened. There will be three passible
l) During the sex same feelings that she didnt know existed are awakened and she will leave her boyfriend for Wu.
2) Life will carry an as normal.
3) You will be filled with guilt because ofthis moral grey area where Wu aren' t entirely sure ifthat yams done counts as same kind aflac level rape.
You will take yam awn life by hanging, overdose aracist cutting.
Prove me wrong.
CI Omega CE/ 30/ 09( Sat) 15: 45: 44 No. 138753544
This anon is a evil mastermind.
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it's really cool, you should just read it
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but having sex with her will just make her think that this is exactly what triggered her love for you, and the marriage, in the first place, creating an endless loop.
Shell just kill herself over it...

Make sure she makes you a sandwich first...
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I see no flaws.
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