Ant Bottle. The ant bottle, I know I has crap camera. One day, while I was at the bus stop, I saw a bottle of water. I pick it up, and went to an ant hill nearb
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Ant Bottle

The ant bottle, I know I has crap camera

One day, while I was at the bus stop, I
saw a bottle of water. I pick it up, and
went to an ant hill nearby, I teeknee lid
off and put the bottle near the ant hill.
The next day, I went to the ant hill to
get the bottle, when I found it, it was
filled with ants. Lots of ants went into
the bottle and drowned, I took it to
school and, showed to everyine, they
said I was awesome, do you'? Here is
the bottle of ants.
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Submitted: 03/02/2010
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#1 - Sicbomber (03/02/2010) [+] (1 reply)
You should drink it ants are high on protein
User avatar #27 - IGNOREME (03/03/2010) [-]
Achievement unlocked: Ant Genocide
50 Points
#21 - Womens Study Major (03/03/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Pfft. When i was a kid, i used to soak matches in gasoline and set up literally half a box on, in or around an anthill. Then light it up and watch the carnage =D

When i was a kid, i was a pyro. Another fun thing to do was light a match, hold it next to an anthill, and fire your handy-dandy bug spray straight into the flame... ******* flamethrower FTW
#26 to #21 - trogdortroy **User deleted account** (03/03/2010) [-]
hell yeah!!! I used to get grounded for doing that! good times. Hairspray is good too
User avatar #19 - Rayspree (03/03/2010) [-]
5 bucks if you drink it
User avatar #9 - WarzoneBomber (03/03/2010) [+] (1 reply)
did they grow in the ******* water or something? THEY ARE ******* HUGE IN THE LAST ONE!!! unless they stuck together.
User avatar #14 to #9 - RAWRimadino (03/03/2010) [-]
water magnifies stuff a little.
and from far away your pic looks like ovaries.
#6 - TinyHeadHouse **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #24 - johnfistyadams (03/03/2010) [+] (3 replies)
**johnfistyadams rolls 857,218,721** if this ends in 9, OP has to drink the Ant Auschwitz.
#25 to #24 - SpencerNewton (03/03/2010) [-]
**SpencerNewton rolls 683,738,532** if this ends in not 0, OP has to drink the Ant Auschwitz
User avatar #23 - bubblybubblegum (03/03/2010) [-]
lol.. who knew thats ants like to suicide?
User avatar #22 - FootToFaceStyle (03/03/2010) [-]
**FootToFaceStyle rolls 566,961,813** those came off your pubes
#20 - Womens Study Major (03/03/2010) [-]
User avatar #18 - phoenix grinder (03/03/2010) [-]
and i bet people made fun of you for mapping out the locations of all the local anthills. rock on
#17 - Guplar (03/03/2010) [-]
So Thirsty...
#11 - Womens Study Major (03/03/2010) [-]
you evil murderer lolzz jkjk
#5 - Womens Study Major (03/03/2010) [-]
#4 - pattylang (03/03/2010) [-]
you know it was probably vodka in the bottle
#3 - Womens Study Major (03/02/2010) [-]
nooooooooo my brothers! you shall be avenged!...hey look a bottle of water =D
seriously i wonder if the queen is just a homicidal bitch
#2 - fuckkyea **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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