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#129 - roflstorm
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(07/30/2011) [-]
fat ben made poop.............everytime i see that llort i thumb up in nostalgia.
Well FJ, weve done and survived it all. weve:
- survived the 4chan raid of 2010
- animal, harvey dinkle, fat ben,the bingos, and the many other major time llorts that have plagued us.
- the lows - billy mays, the bukket walrus and micheal jackson deaths, B.P oil spill grey and purple FJ and many more. the highs - pajama bin laden being taken down, mein führer, thedesigner doing something productive with this site, mein führers return, the intro of FJ city, and more. an the neutrals - DSend, and emperorcolo leaving. this site as changed many a time. from white FJ 2001-2004, yellow FJ 2004-2007, green FJ 2007-2010, and grey/purple FJ 2010- . FJ......the site that has it all. annoying ass people, FJ celebrities, and the common commenter. an of course that neverending question, mein führer.........are you going to video tape yourself eat chicken nuggets?