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Ha, time travel is not possible
Ha, time travel is not possible
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Watch 'Imagining the 10th Dimension' too
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yes it is, by moving 99.999% the speed of light you can travel forward in time (but never backwards) because the closer you get to lightspeed you actually slow down as the universe itself slows time to prevent you from reaching the universal time limit, and since your the only one going this fast your the only one caught in the time-slowing effect therefore while traveling 99.999% the speed of light time around you is slowed to the point that if you went this fast for one week (to you) when you slowed down the rest of the universe would be 1000 years into the future
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Watch 'Imagining the 10th Dimension' too
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but thats irrelevant im talking traveling to the future not the past, therefore paradoxes cannot happen as the future isnt formed yet and is open to change as it hasnt happened yet, even though it has, my point is traveling to the future is quite possible, and that youtube video only covers one reason of why past time travel is bad, worse than paradoxes is radiation feedback, meaning that since radiation lasts a VERY long time, when you went into the past you would bring a small amount of the presents radiation with you, which would now be in the past also, which effectively doubles the presents radiation, but you already would have brought it back so the actual radiation would be quadrupled, and it goes on and on leading up to a inevitable build-up of infinite radiation with-in a single moment effectively destroying all life on earth
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Did you watch 'Imagining the 10th Dimension' ?
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no i dont have time for that because it isnt going to change the facts, i watch ALOT of scientific documentaries, i know what im talking about, tv is far more reliable than the internet, as not just anyone can put a show on the discovery channel or science channel
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'Imagining the 10th Dimension' is done by a scientist, and if you watch scientific documentaries you should enjoy it anyways
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well i have some family matters going on as in if you must know my mom is meeting her sister for the first time at 36 years old so i dont have time can you just sum it up for me or something
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I would love to TRY to explain it but last time I did that...... I almost broke down...... It's really hard to explain
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well....il watch it later i suppose
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*universal speed limit
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Yeah, according to the Vulcan Science Directorate.
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