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You're alone. You've been asked to watch the neighbor's child while your parents and them go out. It's 12:00, the child is asleep. A storm starts up and you begin to wonder where your parents are. It's raining hard and the lightning seems to be growing strong.

The lightning knocks the power out. You..

a) Go in the attic upstairs, get some candles and set them up around the house.
b) Check in on the kid, make sure it didn't wake up from the storm.
c) Go in the basement and try to fix the shortage.
d) Stay in the living room, the neighbors should be home soon anyways, right?
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(C) .......who the **** hasd candles anymore?, get a damn flash light XD
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You get into the basement. It's even darker down there that it is upstairs in the living room. You hear the basement door slowly creek... and shut. You turn around, startled by the loud noise. It's too late to leave now. You find your way to the circuit box and manage to fix the shortage. The lights come on, you can see them coming in..from the crack in the door.. the door that's now open.. the door you distinctly remember hearing slam shut.

You walk up the stairs, you see the child by the door, he looks sick and in a daze. "Whats wrong?" you ask him. He doesn't answer. He slowly walks up the stairs to his room. You walk out of the basement and close the door. He turns around and his face.. there is something about his face.. it begins to slowly crack and twist, along with the rest of his body. his spine twists and his eyes sink into his skull. His teeth are pushed out of his mouth by larger, sharper teeth. His limbs bend backwards and his head twists as he latches himself onto the living room ceiling. He's looking at you. You..

a) Run towards the door
b) Run towards the kitchen, try to get something to defend yourself with
c) Scream. Maybe the neighbors will hear you can come help.
d) Throw the nearest object at it, scare it off or at least startle it so you have time to escape.
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B Then A?......grabs a knife or some **** then run out to a open space and see if it follows you

but of its only one chose then (A)
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e)- wake the **** up and stop eating cake before bed
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"You are alone in a living room. It is storming outside. It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue."
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DD... you know why
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You. You shut up. lol
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**dxkingxd rolls 36**
dubs and you shut up >.>
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worth a try.. :/
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Fail? I think so.
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**dxkingxd rolls 42** the only fails here were my fathers condom and my mothers abortion!
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damnit -.-
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E) tell the kid " ****** GET UP! THE BOOGEY MANS HERE" and run out os the kids room waiting to see what happens
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but to answer id go with d
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just messin with ya bruh.
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nah i say bruh. its what it is
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I thought bruh was for guys and brah was for chicks.
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....I'll have to go with D.
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You stay downstairs in the living room. They'll be home soon. You begin to hear an odd sound coming from an unknown source, a creaking sound. It gets louder, and louder. Soon this sound grows into a faint whisper. You look around. No one. Suddenly you realize it's not coming from downstairs in the living room with you, it's from the baby monitor.

You listen in closely "So beautiful.. so beautiful.." you hear being chanted over and over, getting louder and louder until a horrifying screech "I WILL HAVE YOU." The child is woken up, it's crying. You..

a) Run upstairs, armed. Someone might be inside the house.
b) Run upstairs, find out what was happening. The kid must have been talking in it's sleep.
c) Go down in the basement, so you can turn the electricity back on and call the parents.
d) Stay in the living room, the kid probably just had a bad dream and talks in it's sleep. Nothing major.
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You feel something creeping up behind you. You turn around and see the kid. His eyes are closed but he still walks closer to you, as if he's looking at you. knowing exactly where you are. You get up and look at him. "Hey? You okay?" No answer. He walks closer. "Answer me kid, wake up or something, you're sleep walking. WAKE UP!" The kid doesn't wake up. He goes into a full sprint and runs into you. You throw him off and smack him to try and wake him up. He grabs you by the neck and in a twisted, inhuman voice he says "At qui orat pro Satan? Qui per decem saecula habuit pro uno peccatore humani maxime necessarius? QUI ORAT PRO ME?"

He throws you against a wall. You..

a) Try to make a run for it.
b) Try and fight back.
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You swing at the kid, Punching him in the jaw. He looks at you with a twisted smile on his face. "So you want to play?" he asks you, in that same demented voice. The kid takes out a knife, he comes running towards you. You try and catch him but fail. You're in more pain than you ever have been in and you feel blood pouring out of you. He stabbed you in the stomach. You feel the knife slowly inching through your flesh, feeling like it's tearing you in half. He begins to cut away at you. Slicing your body in half. You pass out from the pain. You open your eyes and and standing next to your body. You see the child eating your body.. but it's not the child. It's the creature conllorting the child, it looks at you for a split second and continues to feast away at your body.

You scream and wake up. It was all a dream you think to yourself. You look up all around the ceiling, you look under your bed and in the closet. No one. You try to fall back to sleep but can't because of an unknown excruciating stomach pain you cant get rid of. The pain comes back every once in a while, on those nights when you're alone in bed. In the darkness, and that one corner of your ceiling near the foot of your bed looks especially dark.
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point a flashlite @ the corner @ all times...problem solved
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wat kinda "armed" are we talking about?
User avatar #182 to #155 - irrelephant (07/28/2011) [-]
Kitchen knife.
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But in seriousness, I'd probably do a
cause i normally don't believe in ghosts and ****
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You run into the kitchen, grabbing a butcher knife. You senses on edge as you feel a rush of adrenaline as you quietly try to sneak up the stairs. Not wanting to aware the mysterious presence that you're there. You get into the room, the door is closed.


You slam the door open knife in hand, prepared to defend the life of the child, and your own. But no one is there.. the child is asleep. You look around. Absolutely no one. You cautiously walk into the room. Look under the bed, no one. In the closet, no one.

You begin to close the door, then without thinking your eyes scan the ceiling. You see what looks to be a pair of small, white eyes. You open the door more and they get larger and larger. You begin to see a face form, it inches closer towards you from the small corner in the ceiling. It lets out a horrifying screech, begins to crawl towards you in a ridged twisted motion. You..

a) Swing your knife at it.
b) Slam the door in it's face and try to make a run for it.
c) Try to grab the kid and make a run for it.
User avatar #177 to #160 - BrooklynBoi (07/28/2011) [-]
(A) and (C)

but mostly (A)
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update this plz :(
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**** the kid I'm going with B
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You run downstairs, dashing for the front door. It's locked from the outside. You begin banging and slamming on the door screaming for your life. It wont open. But the screeching stopped. You look around, that creature.. it's not there anymore. You run for the backdoor. That's locked too. You grab a knife from the kitchen and find an old flashlight in a cupboard. It still works but barely.

You go into the basement, making sure that you leave the door wide open encase you need to escape. You find the circuit box and begin fiddling around with it, trying to fix it when your flashlight goes out. You begin to panic and look around for that.. thing.. that was hiding in the dark in the child's room. Nothing. You begin to try your hand at fixing it again. The lights go on.

You sigh in relief and begin to make your way upstairs when you hear a snickering coming from behind you. You run up the stairs not looking back and you see the two small white eyes come from around the corner of the door and the door slams shut. You..

a) Cry and bang on the door, demanding it lets you out.
b) Look around the basement and try to find something that will help you get out of there.. or defend you for whats outside.
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You can't find anything, but hear loud noises coming from upstairs. Screaming and banging. You close your eyes and grip the knife tighter, hoping the creature doesn't come down into the basement to attack you. You hear the door slam open.

It's the child, smiling. You..

a) Wonder what he's smiling about, be cautious.
b) Run upstairs and grab the kid before he can lock you down there too.
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kill yourself before its too late D":!!!1
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The kid unleashes a monstrous inhuman strength and knocks you back. You almost fall back down the stairs but grab the side of the door and manage to lift yourself back up. You slam the basement door shut.

The child begins to laugh unconllortably, his head tilts back so far it looks as if he's broken his own neck. A dark black mass begins to flow out of his mouth and upwards, defying gravity. You can hear his jaw cracking as the mass gets larger and larger, flowing from his mouth. You..

a) Run to the living room window and try to break it so you can get out of there.
b) Try and kill the kid.
User avatar #191 to #190 - konkeydong (07/28/2011) [-]
A because i dont want to be accused
User avatar #189 to #185 - konkeydong (07/28/2011) [-]
#192 to #189 - irrelephant (07/28/2011) [-]
Too late now.
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Can I do A then C?
If not, i'd just do A
User avatar #174 to #163 - irrelephant (07/28/2011) [-]
You swing your knife at the creature, hoping to wound it so you can grab the kid and get out of there. You shut your eyes and desperately begin to try and slice the horrible monster lunging itself at you. You open one eye and see the monster isn't there, only the child sitting up staring at you. "What are you doing?" asks the child. You, thinking you must have just seen something reply "Nothing.." and look around the room once more. You Slowly shut the door leaving it open a crack and go downstairs.

You walk back into the kitchen and grab a flashlight then you..

a) Go down into the basement to fix the circuit.
b) Stay in the living room and keep the flashlight handy just in case
c) Go back up into the kids room, tell him to stay downstairs and sleep on the couch with you.
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Except does that mean I'd sleep? Cause **** that
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You both fall asleep.

A beam of light is directed at your face. "Put your hands up." You hear someone say." You try and look but the light is blinding you. "PUT YOUR HANDS UP." you hear them shout. You drop the knife and lift your shaking hands up. "TURN AROUND AND GET ON YOUR KNEES." You hear them shout again. You do as your told. You feel handcuffs clamped around your wrists.

"Police? Whats happening? What did I do?" You ask in a panic wondering what happened. They're silent as they shove you out of the house. You see blood all over the living room couch and all down the stair case as you're being lead out. They throw you into the cop car. You look around you and you're covered in blood. You see yourself in the rear-view mirror and your face and mouth is covered in blood. Fresh blood.

It all comes flooding back to you now. You killed the kid, and his parents. You swung your knife at the child. You stood over it's bedside thinking about how beautiful the child was, angry that it could never be yours. You killed him, and the parents out of rage and jealousy that you could never have such a child.

You remain in a mental institution for 23 years until let out. Then three days after your release you commit suicide.
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User avatar #179 to #162 - irrelephant (07/28/2011) [-]
The monster swings at you, you dodge it and grab the kid. He's limp and lifeless. You turn around and the monster is in front of the door. He's 7 feet tall, his head is twisted upside down and his eyes look as if to be two small white pupils. His arms are abnormally long, extending and reaching all the way down towards the floor.

You look at the window. You..

a) Try and get out of the window with the kid.
b) Try and get past the monster using your knife.
User avatar #183 to #179 - dxkingxd (07/28/2011) [-]
B for the ***** of it
User avatar #195 to #181 - irrelephant (07/28/2011) [-]
You try and open the window, it's locked. You break it open and grab the kid. The monster is moving closer to you as your try to escape. You're half way out of the door and look out the window only to see it's a farther drop than you remember. You look back and the monster is in your face. You're startled and accidentally drop the kid. You shout out to him, "NO!" he falls to the ground and you hear his bones shatter and a woman screaming, it's his mother. His parents were coming home.

She looks up at you and gasps in horror. You look down at her thinking, "What have I done?" when you feel a hot breath against the back of your neck.. you're grabbed by your ankles and yanked from the window. You're grabbing for anything so you wont get pulled away any farther. You feel the monsters razor sharp claws digging into your skin, dragging you under the bed.


The dead child's parents are up in his room, along with yours and police. But you appear to be gone. But you're not. You're looking at them, but they don't see you. "Up here" you say, "Up here, in the corner of the ceiling. Look at me up here. I'm waiting for you. I'm waiting."
User avatar #151 to #143 - Screenshotman (07/28/2011) [-]
e)Run the **** out of there, this kid can die for all I care.
User avatar #149 to #143 - dxkingxd (07/28/2011) [-]
now i choose E) - get the **** out, run through the rain i dont give a **** about getting wet, get in my car and drive around till sunrise
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