Harry Potter Facts Part 6. Part 6 is finally up after my internet dying on me Dx /funny_pictures/2412597/Harry+Potter+Facts+Part+7/ /funny_pictures/2403904/Harr harry potter Part six facts
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Harry Potter Facts Part 6

Harv ?otter Fads
i. Droor h/ never learned how To
produce o , but he WES good
at , the opposite of Harry,
l tit
Cl, Jones Potter always suspected
that Snope loved Lily, ond it WES
one of the mesons for his behavior
Towords Snope. If Snope hadn' T
been so insterested in the dark arts,
Lily would have ended up with him
instead of Jomes.
3. The h/% rapider' s Mop. wond, ond
the (look of ' usability ore How' s
only Treasures from his
Time at Hogworts. He never genie the
h/ ' s mop To onyone. but
James Sims Potter stole it om of his
A Ivybridge WES arrested, Tried. ond
sent To Azkaban for her crimes
against .
5. There is more Won one h/ of
Norway ond Germany ore
some of the countries that do. The
one in Britain controls the 3, 000
witches ond wizards in the country,
6. Harry mode visits To
the school To give lectures To the
students on Defense Against the
Dark Arts,
7, A picture of Gandolf the Grey is
in ' s office in Chomper
of Secrets,
Wasn' T ever woven fact, but-)
More green gets you more
facts, more red ends this. an
But people seem to enjoy this o
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