Embarrassing moments PART 3. Thanks anonymoose for the help. After this one I think I will rest a little.... Part 1: /funny_pictures/2392352/Embarrassing+moment

Embarrassing moments PART 3

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Submitted: 07/26/2011
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User avatar #283 - calvinandhobbesfan (07/27/2011) [-]
Alright, this is all true:
>six years old going to a Asian female friend(same age) house
>only her dad was around
>She asks me to play the "friendship dance"
>I say fine
>she pulls down her pants
>tells me to pull down mine. Also that only daddy lets her do this and mommy dosen't like it.
>she lays down on her bed
> directs me on top of her
>you know the rest...
>after about a minute I realize this isn't something I should be doing and stop, even though she asks me to continue.
>After the school year was over I moved away. Never saw her again.
> In retrospect, this is a pretty messed up, but completely true story.
> And in double retrospect, if I didn't move away, I would probably be banging a hot Asian nympho right now...
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#295 to #294 - calvinandhobbesfan (07/27/2011) [-]
It is all too true... but thanks. It really haunts me.
It is all too true... but thanks. It really haunts me.
User avatar #314 to #295 - spyronos (07/27/2011) [-]
the internet is here man just find her on facebook
#329 to #314 - anon (07/27/2011) [-]
Hey, remember that time that you essentially told me that your father molested you while we were doing the "friendship dance"?

Fun times.....

Anyways, wanna **** ?
#275 - beansncornbread (07/27/2011) [-]
>in the woods
>life or death moment thursty as hell
>had no water so i drank piss
>whole internet laughs at me
User avatar #1222 to #275 - yesgirl (07/30/2011) [-]
lmaoo!! i'm laughing too hard ;D
#210 - moneynbitches **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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User avatar #259 to #210 - milehighpride (07/27/2011) [-]
Lol'd so ******* hard hahaha
#87 - gazinatmyballs **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #102 to #87 - ifgrit (07/27/2011) [-]
How about the "4 year old" getting a "huge boner"...
#104 to #102 - gazinatmyballs **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#40 - KobraKidd (07/27/2011) [-]
> Me...6 years old.
> Discover porn for the first time, very curious.
> Watch video of girl getting pee'd on by guy.
> Decide I want to try this out, go to find guy best friend.
> Tell him what I want to do, he agrees.
> He says he doesn't have to pee at the moment.
> Feed him endless juice boxes.
> Finally when he has to pee I decide that I don't want him to pee directly on me.
> Make him pee on a sock instead.
> Rub sock on my body.
> Target achieved.

User avatar #852 to #40 - popeofdope (07/27/2011) [-]
did you think peeing was jizzing?? :O
#895 to #852 - KobraKidd (07/27/2011) [-]
Nope! It was just a video of a girl getting pissed on by a dude.
I don't know what went off in my head that made me want to attempt it though, lmao.
#1089 to #40 - meisnotifu has deleted their comment [-]
#990 to #40 - anon (07/27/2011) [-]
....the **** ?
#54 to #40 - CaveboyZero **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#867 to #40 - chazzieboi (07/27/2011) [-]
Why did I favorite this?!
#144 to #40 - tamponunicorn (07/27/2011) [-]
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time man hahaha!  
What got me was "feeding him endless juice boxes"
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time man hahaha!

What got me was "feeding him endless juice boxes"
#955 to #144 - sniggi **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#332 to #40 - madjik (07/27/2011) [-]
Comment Picture
#261 - beansncornbread (07/27/2011) [-]
>a young kid
>walking home from movies with parents
>random asshole murders parents right infront of my face
#21 - SgtObvious (07/27/2011) [-]
>8 years old
>Discover fapping
>Keep doing it for over an hour
>Dick gets swollen
>Get really afraid
>Have to tell my mom and dad what I did

#201 to #21 - anon (07/27/2011) [-]
I know that feel. Except that I fapped all day long until my dick got all red I started crying. Father and grandma rush in to see what happens. I tell them everything, every detail, not a single lie.
Oh God Why
#318 to #201 - anon (07/27/2011) [-]
>Be 13
>Jacking off in rumpus room, on couch, horizontally parallel to door, head facing away, under blankets and with laptop, tv is playing
>About 11.30
>Fapping my brains out to some Gay Yiff ( **** you, that **** is ballin)
>About to have the greatest orgasm seen by mankind
>Mum opens door
>"Honey we're going to be-...are you ok?"
>*le me looking like I just ran a marathon, explosive orgasm all over my hands and laptop touchpad, JUST under a blanket out of view*
>"Yeah sure mum, just a little hot, can you turn the fan on?"
>*turns fan on*
>Ok, well goodnight, get up by 9!
>MFW I just jizzed while looking my mother in the eye

#486 to #318 - anon (07/27/2011) [-]
Logged out, just in case :S

Was that HardBlush? Best on the net ^^
You have no idea how many times I've fapped to Onta's comics...
#328 to #21 - anon (07/27/2011) [-]
[ posting as anon because too embarrassing :( ]

>be 11 years old
>discover fapping recently
>mom asks me to vacuum room
>use vacuum hose to get dust behind bed
>get bored so I put vacuum hose on face and make faces using the hose
>feels goodman.jpg
>have the brilliant idea of putting suction vacuum hose on dick
>insane orgasmic feeling
>start fapping with it
>mom checks up to see how my room cleaning is going
>i'm butt naked with the vacuum hose sucking my dick
>stare at my mom with a poker face
>mom slams the door yelling and is utterly disgusted
>consider suicide and don't talk to my mom for a month

worst memory ever
#910 to #328 - Palindromus (07/27/2011) [-]
Imagnet? Welcome back dude!
Imagnet? Welcome back dude!
User avatar #1158 to #328 - Wabbit (07/27/2011) [-]
You're real name is Ian isn't it.
User avatar #1161 to #1158 - LivClaire (07/27/2011) [-]
That's my brother's name..... I just pictured him doing that. Thanks.
#537 - diamondhead (07/27/2011) [-]
>am a dog
>walk by a mirror
>holy **** there's another dog
>he barks
>what the ****
>who is this dog
#546 to #537 - hazaaa **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#85 - sanchofiveohnine (07/27/2011) [-]
>in 2nd grade
.> its pajama day
>i dont have a pajama so i grab old sweat pants (i didnt wear for a reason) and shirt
>change into pajama at school
>after school ends i notice i have a big hole in sweat pants ( right on the ass crack)
>Didnt wear underwear that day
User avatar #277 to #85 - milehighpride (07/27/2011) [-]
Haha i lol'd so hard these stories are better than normal content.
#63 - johnthunda (07/27/2011) [-]
>1st grade
>I gotta poop
>Go to bathroom, explosive diarrhea.
>Realize punk-ass kids stole all the toilet paper
>Really nervous.
>Pull up pants and walk out the bathroom, like a boss.
>Walk back into classroom
>Sit in chair
>Kids start saying P-U who smells?

Oh god.. why?
User avatar #47 - LipoanTX (07/27/2011) [-]
>just got my own video camera at age 11 (I was into making movies then)
>Playing around with camera on front lawn
>Semi attractive neighbor girls in their bathing suits tell me to pretend I'm from MTV and they're celebrities.
>Film them doing dumb **** for a while
>Girls go inside their house
>I follow, thinking they still want me to film them
>I follow them all the way into their room without them noticing.
>Their mom walks up the stairs and sees me filming her daughters in their bathing suits in their room.
#958 to #47 - sniggi **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#57 to #47 - SnacksJr (07/27/2011) [-]
Upload it? ;D
User avatar #58 to #57 - LipoanTX (07/27/2011) [-]
I was 11, I don't think that camera exists anymore.
User avatar #62 to #58 - SnacksJr (07/27/2011) [-]
Awwww, shame. Lol.

Well im going to stare at your profile pic for the next 100 years. Have a great day!
User avatar #64 to #62 - LipoanTX (07/27/2011) [-]
It's rather drawing.
#718 - EpicBassman (07/27/2011) [-]
Might come in handy someday.
#727 to #718 - Rome **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#1256 - metalptron (08/02/2011) [-]
In kindergarten I used to **** my pants in class to go home early
#1266 to #1256 - jpaulding (08/23/2011) [-]
#1059 - kaidose (07/27/2011) [-]
> Thinking about sex in English class
> Not paying attention to lesson
> Teachers calls me out and ask me the 3rd rule of the lesson
> Answer: Always use a Comma
> MY Answer: always use a condom.
> think about it for a sec...
> realize what i just said
> class goes wild
> teachers says: "Well, that's true too"
Everything went better than expected.
#956 - supergman (07/27/2011) [-]
me and my friend hangin out in an air plane
we get kinda drunk and knock out the pilot
we start flying the plane our selves
accidentally fly plane into twin towers
soooooo embarrassed
#1075 to #956 - team omga **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #632 - StroudM (07/27/2011) [-]
- In water park having fun
- Decide to go round a circlular pool
- Swim under the water, feel that i've kicked something
- Look up
- Just kicked a baby in the face
True story.
#343 - anon (07/27/2011) [-]
-6th grade in a talent show (female)
-theres a bunch of free soda
-drink a bajillion
- have to piss so badddd
-teacher said no bathroom
-think maybe ill sneak backstage
-pants attatched to shirt as a part of uniform
-get naked ._.
-just about ready to piss, crouching down butt naked, hear someone coming
-think maybe ill hide in this closet
-open the closet, turns out its actually the door to the stage
-standing butt naked, face is red as **** , see all my friends staring at me, and my tiny virgin bladder cant hold it in much longer due to the stress
-piss myself naked in front of whole school
-haunts me forever, never told family

and i remember the precise words haunting me:
Oh my god, is she peeing?!

-too ashamed to log in U.U

-true story.
User avatar #362 to #343 - someoneleven (07/27/2011) [-]
That sucks.
#374 to #343 - sexymutt (07/27/2011) [-]
i kinda feel horrible for laughing.....
i kinda feel horrible for laughing.....
#320 - boozemuffin (07/27/2011) [-]
>Me freshman in High School
>Recovering from 4 day fever, still pretty sick.
>Have to go to school because it's a basketball game day and I have to play.
>School makes athletes dress up on game days.
>Have to wear dress shirt, tie, and dress pants, (Light brown pants).
>Bus ride to school, it's ******* hot.
>Combination of lingering fever and hot bus makes me sweat.
>Getting really sweaty, some peers tease me.
>Get to school
>Go to bathroom to wipe off sweat from neck, face and any other exposed areas.
>Feels sweat dripping down legs.
>Go to mirror, turn around to get look at pants.
>Entire ass region and inner thighs drenched and moist, looks like I blasted my pants with piss.
>Attempt to absorb moisture and dark stains with numerous paper towels.
>Doesn't work, bell rings for first period.
>Class on other side of school.
>Walk down halls sideways with butt facing wall.
>Get to class sit down, pretty cool classroom.
>Forget about pants disaster.
>Bell rings to dismiss class.
>Get up.
>Puddle is left on my chair of ball, leg and ass sweat, stinks like hell.
>Kid next to me notices and yells, everyone looks and sees my pants and the chair. Get sent home, next day yelled at by coach.
User avatar #322 to #320 - NorthAmerica (07/27/2011) [-]
Wow, I feel bad for you.
User avatar #70 - IMADINO (07/27/2011) [-]
8 years old, decide to go to the bathroom, in bathroom, try to aim straight up, piss in front of face, try to drink it like a water fountain, oh god why
#76 to #70 - foil **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#34 - DeltaRob (07/27/2011) [-]
3rd one was mine. I feel special :3
#360 to #34 - anon (07/27/2011) [-]
hahaha, i laughed.. so hard at that pic!

#690 to #34 - anon (07/27/2011) [-]
#218 to #34 - anon (07/27/2011) [-]
I wouldn't be proud about that..
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