Switzerland. . Facts about Switzerland Matterhorn, located in canton Wallis In Switzerland... that contain "brutal violence" ,often called silvergames" by most  Switzerland facts
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Facts about Switzerland
Matterhorn, located in canton Wallis
In Switzerland...
that contain "brutal violence" ,often called
silvergames" by most mainstream media, are gonna be
Fortunately, politics still hesitate to establish a law for that,
plus we live in direct democracy, so we could still keep the
law from being applied once its created.
Causer of this misery are these two guys from the socialist
party of Switzerland. He is the lack Thompson from Switzer-
every physic and psychic healthy man has to serve in the
army, in civil defense or in civilian service.
You can keep your weapon after serving in the army. Only
thing vou need for that is a "",
To get one, you mustnt have a criminal record. Thaw all.
But remember: This certificate does NOT allow you to take
your gun with you wherever you go. You are only allowed
to own and transport it, to the shooting range, for instance.
And this is what we' re talking about: The SIG 550, caliber
5. with a 20 round magasine. Firing modes: 1, 3 or 20
rounds burst. Also Remember: When you take this gun to private
property, its firing mechanism must be changed to semi
automatic. Fully automatic guns are prohibited to own for
private persons.
It' s forbidden to build a minaret
Poster which
was used to convince
people to vote for the
law of the minaret
The SVP ( ,similar to the
republican party in America) ist the biggest party in the
parliament. It occupies 29% of it.
Christoph Blucher: Assets: Billion US Dollars
Because of this guy (one of the richest in Switzerland), its
possible for the party to make massive election campaigns, like
the one seen above. They possibly got a bigger budget than
all the other parties togehter.
This (and not the red one) is the original swiss army knife
every soldier is equipped with.
It replaces the old one:
we have a working health care system
scna americans"
its legal to download copyrighted stuff. The upload
however, is prohibited.
One click hoster rapidshare is located in Charm, canton Zug
We have 4 languages of the country
german: 63. 7%
italian (1. 5%
So, this is it so far. I tried to be as accurate as possible
with these information, that's why this shit took me
almost 3 hours to make. ihope you enjoyed it and
learnd something as well.
And as something last:
Unlike americans, we lock doors if we want to be alone
taking a shit etc.) and not just close it. Awkward moments
are 100% avoided thanks to this.
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#4 - larski
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(07/26/2011) [-]
You guys can keep your gun after military service?
You guys can keep your gun after military service?
#6 - moonknightjbrd
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(07/26/2011) [-]
nice well done
User avatar #8 - marlowe [OP]
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(07/27/2011) [-]
10 thumbs isn't really worth the effort..

this was the last time I made OC for FJ
#7 - goraeuskadi
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User avatar #1 - goraeuskadi
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(07/26/2011) [-]
If I made one about Spain you all would **** bricks. I´m thinking about it so as you all know how much my country sucks
User avatar #2 to #1 - otot
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(07/26/2011) [-]
im from spain! :D
#3 to #1 - brendancfc **User deleted account**
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#5 to #1 - moonknightjbrd
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(07/26/2011) [-]
Make one? i wanna see it