Finland.. Part 2: /funny_pictures/2401171/Finland+2/ Part 3: /funny_pictures/2402626/Finland+3/ ______________________________________________________ Oh and he Finland wamboda tags
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Finland.. Part 2: /funny_pictures/2401171/Finland+2/ Part 3: /funny_pictures/2402626/Finland+3/ ______________________________________________________ Oh and he

Part 2: /funny_pictures/2401171/Finland+2/
Part 3: /funny_pictures/2402626/Finland+3/
Oh and here's the real pride of Finland:

So I wanted to give it a try.
Finland. - 2
1. Sauna
Sauna is a Finnish invention and the
word "sauna" is taken directly from
Finnish language.
2. Nokia
Nokia is the most succesfull cell
phone company of all times.
Even Nokia phones suck in my opininon.
3. World war II
Russia wasn' t able to succesfully
invade Finland during WWY.
Finland had only 530 aoo soldiers
Against Russia' s about 1 500 000
soldiers. Not to mention
the difference in the amount of
tanks and airplanes.
4. Ice hockey
Finland is one of the biggest ice
hockey countries, but we have won
the world cup only twice. In 1995 and
Even ice hockey was invented in
Canada, ice skates are believed
to be a Finnish invention,
because the world' s oldest ice
skates are found in Finland.
In 201 1 world cup finals we
defeated Sweden . Those
numbers are massive. All respect to
Their goalie just wasn' t Faith enough.
Faith is the last name of
Sweden' s goalie in 201 I Finals.
but I' m too lazy
to write them.
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