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Harry Potter Facts Part 3

Hill? ?otter Facts
i. Dementors oren' T loyal To ow
being ond only follow who eon
provide them with whot they
need. The h/ of lvlagic did
so by placing Them Crt Azkaban
where they eon feed off people
Cl, Harry has green eyes, like his
mother. when in fact Daniel
Radcliffe has blue eyes. This is
because Don connot stand wearing
3. Sirius Blacks ore Token
from Russian prison gong. The
markings identity the person m
someone To be feared ond
4. JO? chose the nome "Hermione"
because very few people had that
nome ond girls with it wouldn' T be
teased for her bossy ond smort
Bit in
5. Rowling said she moy hove Token
the nome of Harry':; school,
from o hogwart plant
she sow in the Kew Gardens in New
York City,
6. Harry, Ron, ond Hermione ore all
featured on frog cards for
their accomplishments, ond like
Dumbledore, Ron finds this To be his
greatest o: ,
F. By 201 7, Hagrid is still working at
Hogworts at 88 years old, ond
never monies. although he did
More green than red
thumbs gives you Cl
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