The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World.. . THE 5 MOST BUGS IN WORLD From Japan, obiously Why you mistreat ti the see of your thumb and ti can spray poison We r The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World THE MOST BUGS IN WORLD From Japan obiously Why you mistreat ti see of your thumb and can spray poison We r
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The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World.

From Japan, obiously
Why you mistreat ti
the see of your thumb and ti can spray poison
We really msh we were making that up for, you know meet because goddamm,
when thing a threatned hornet would be
you know? oh hey, dd we mention ti shoots ti dnto your eyes’?
or that the potion also has a pheromone comet tn t mam call every hornet to the mve to come met
and stang you mutt you are no '?
Trunk you can outrun tn l can fly so HUGS tn a day we be KNEE to say something at ths pool,
We ‘Dun Hurry. they only We on top of really tall mountains where nobody wants to the
but no they We all oyea the goddamned place, Including
outsite Tokyo we We that everyyear, each oi them
More scary sht Lt
Here' s how the Japanese hornet treats other (and would presumably treat us,
WWY were swat! enough) An adult hornet will tly m/ es to the some slushy shit to feed to he
men meet t we tts we tn say, a hve inhabited by thousands of bees
What to do? Well, Vespa sprays the nest ptth some of the acd/ and brings tn
renforcements, usually consisting one or so tattoe hornets They then descend upon the beehive
We an unholy plague of hel[ -bora death engines and proceed to make ths world a scary goddamned
place This ts maybe 30 wasps against an one bees and the menu bees do not stand a chance
Nature ts teem hardcore
Bullet: Amt
Priests' rom Nicaragua to Paraguay
t yourt y ti
we to that long n thee tn trees and thus can and
N you W can she
ton ts
More scam sht
Are you the sorta’ * satt who Wes to wk ' badass perhaps? 'Haad 'as
they at
Some ofthe he germs new es Dime ea use Butte: Ants T part outre Ill
South and Central the American southwest
Why you must tear ti
You know how you can spot one of these? You cant There ts no physical way to the
diference between an bee and a common European bee None whosoever
You can however, easttowest the based on Regularises MW give
you about rune seconds of bang too close to the me before youre a threat and then attacking
you so " pretty easy to just walk past them without any screams And t you do get them met you
thew! consider you to be 'chased at otter about we feet bees do not roll ths way
They gaye you half a second at bang too dose before they lecter n ts tune to completely tuck your sht
up and empty the ENNIS maybe hundreds ahangry, angry bees When you run
and cryllic and setting yourselves ‘asses CHRIST we COVERED IN BEES," they
wt chase you tor methane nile
More scary shit
bees owe wen to setence warwick E Kerr created them tn Brant danng the
by crossing a European bee with an Cancan bee He warned a bee that could we tn the jungle
He got a bee that swarms by the hundreds pt moons, ts techtorial, mindlessly
has knee anywhere from afar/ dozen to a few thousand people And can We
And after they escaped and , t whee out they were ptth deserts, too
Them be tn Montana by 2012
Army or Soldier Amt
he Amazon been There' s other subtext es mtg n Iso and AME: trams most
to y you ti
By now you» ll not be to ants are Ill tact tucking he s
teaching a C eigth You mt also not be supposedto teeth that they rate Waive pattern!
s hawks length ofthe solders . es Them tot d smarta' any hung
Mtg h " The/ re so t'»' t‘ Ct" o' some reason makes
remethe tore“ kt er ‘ht takes was we Ended‘ and Swat" wet‘;
More scary sht
Arm/ Ants are masts ' , tong architecture
Forthe good of the colony the one ll use then um: hwy bodes to bend on e
structure necessary etch W on to each other ' to create protects. e he s and
agaist the ravages of the the badges to cross other. -nee 'reuseable spars
be needed teen dnto a crude catapult mater em and
launch themes was at prey? Not yet t
were s no other g " ' tre
Most spaces found tn Central and South Ameica, some spams: found all oyea the world
Why you mistreat ti
on boy ahhahh boy okay Bot thee
There are dozens at Bot Fly, thaws each highly adapted to target a meme animat
they have names We Horse Stomach Bot Fly,
Sheep Nose Bot Fly and hey guess what one ts called Human Bot Fly
They each have a and elaborate reproductive cycle
all and ptth a tat maggot embedded tn mg flesh Fearing
Horse Stomach Bots, tot example, lay wet eggs tn grass Horses eat the grass And the eggs
watch hatch tn the heat ofthe horse' s mouth Upon watch they chew through the horse' s tongue and butt
through the horse, dnto tts bet. Where they meet up and mg honeycombs dnto the horse' s stomach
And get tat When them ready to be thee tet go and get pooped out Mme system
The Human Bot Fly lays tts eggs on a honsetly or a mosques somethang that MU attempt to land
on a human Ths cartier pnds a human and lands on Mm or her
The eggs rub on onto the human whose body heat hatches the eggs
The larvae drop onto the satn and burrow nght the tuck tn t'/ here they We Under your satn Eaing
More scary sht
Here ts the best part The larvae can grow anywhere tn your body, e just depends on where the eggs
who up watch could end fproth you anyong a tat worhty thong tn your or your bum
we know because wars happened
A Human Bot Fly tame burrowing dnto your brain Eatng your thoughts
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More, but no spiders. I can withstand these, but spiders are a no go.
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