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#520 - chickiebeth (07/19/2011) [-]
What if Im a girl! D:<
#557 to #520 - flyleafistheshit (07/19/2011) [-]
Would you like a medal? Here's a medal for doing jack **** .
#564 to #559 - flyleafistheshit (07/19/2011) [-]
No, thank you for playing FunnyJunk with us. And you won't be going home empty handed, you will be taking the home version of our website home with you. Yes, it's true! You can now now thumb down OC, thumb up reposts, steal comics, troll, disrespect anons, roll, give undeserved thumbs to women OPs, and bitch and complain about the FJ store all in the comfort of your own home. And again we thank you for playing.
#565 to #564 - chickiebeth (07/19/2011) [-]
Cool, I already do that anyways but whatever...
User avatar #570 to #568 - chickiebeth (07/19/2011) [-]
Herp Derp yourself...
User avatar #572 to #571 - chickiebeth (07/19/2011) [-]
Yeah, his face is sooo supernatural... -.-
Bitch please!
#573 to #572 - flyleafistheshit (07/19/2011) [-]
You trying to insult Supernatural?!Don't even go there, girlfriend...
#574 to #573 - chickiebeth (07/19/2011) [-]
I didnt try, I did.. X)
#575 to #574 - flyleafistheshit (07/19/2011) [-]
You poor poor soul. You obviously have never been exposed to proper entertainment. Also, you insult made no sense anyway... and it wasn't funny. Actually, I don't think you have said anything in any of these comments.
User avatar #579 to #575 - chickiebeth (07/19/2011) [-]
I realized it made no sense after I posted it, I just didnt wanna be a loser and delete it then re post what I was actually going to post. Aside from when the thing messes up and I have to freaking re post this thing 5 times...
I also do not really care about being funny for the fact that I am extremely tired now, and you boring me with your awfully ugly pictures of unnatural characters has made me more so. I do believe you are the poor poor soul.
Also, I didnt say stuff in my other comments? Or else how would I have been talking with you, or making comments. Im pretty sure most people say something in their comments. Therefore, you must not think very through out of things... Kbye
#580 to #579 - flyleafistheshit (07/19/2011) [-]
Well, then this will be my last response to you. I meant you haven't said anything funny in your comments. Excuse me for my shortcomings in typing. You mostly just sound like your bitching and whining and blaming. I'll also have you know that those pictures are both awesome and hilarious. Just as Supernatural is awesome and hilarious. Maybe they aren't looking their best in those pictures, but there are a great many pictures of them that I am too embarrassed to post here because that would admit that I go out searching for those pics and then proceed to stare at them for an indefinite amount of time...
#578 to #575 - chickiebeth has deleted their comment [-]
#577 to #575 - chickiebeth has deleted their comment [-]
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jk, I don't give a ****
thumb down, perhaps?
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Your daughter awaits you.
Your daughter awaits you.
#561 to #560 - zephkiel (07/19/2011) [-]
Relax, it was just a dream.
#562 to #561 - izanagi (07/19/2011) [-]
#563 to #562 - zephkiel (07/19/2011) [-]
9 months later...
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You mean you don't know?
#526 to #520 - hamsterking (07/19/2011) [-]
your not so dont worry, remember there are no girls on the internet.
#533 to #526 - chickiebeth (07/19/2011) [-]
But I am....
#547 to #533 - Freelon (07/19/2011) [-]
A Girl? I must thumb!
A Girl? I must thumb!
#539 to #533 - hamsterking (07/19/2011) [-]
keep tellin yourself that bro

cats will get you nowhare
mexican hamsters now THATS a diffrent story
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