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#60 - Rascal (07/15/2011) [-]
**anonymous rolls 18** "Alright Ive been thinking, when FunnyJunk gives you singles, dont deal with it, make FunnyJunk take the singles back! Get mad! I dont want your damn singles what am I suppossed to do with these? Demand to see FunnyJunk´s manager. Make Funnyjunk rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson singles. Do you know who I am!? I´m the man who´s gonna BURN you house down, with the dubs! I´m gonna make my engineers make a combustible dub that BURNS YOUR HOUSE DOWN!" Anyway, the thing you just read is my new way of saying Check´em. Anyway, the point is, dubs and someone makes a billboard of combustible lemons.
User avatar #98 to #60 - sillybanananuts (07/15/2011) [-]
**sillybanananuts rolls 99**
#96 to #60 - MrExtremeFail (07/15/2011) [-]
**MrExtremeFail rolls 02**
User avatar #63 to #60 - Bangiras (07/15/2011) [-]
This made me laugh as mush as the post.
Not at all, but they were still funny
User avatar #62 to #60 - Kingdb (07/15/2011) [-]
**Kingdb rolls 80**
#61 to #60 - mrmagicalmoocow (07/15/2011) [-]
i think im in love

no homo
#75 to #61 - Rascal (07/15/2011) [-]
That no homo **** is so ******* annoying. I actually think the people are gay if they are so worried about people thinking that they are. Just saying.
#76 to #75 - mrmagicalmoocow (07/15/2011) [-]
lets have gay sex no homo
#79 to #76 - Rascal (07/15/2011) [-]
My point exactly.
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