Facebook Troll (Add Me If You Want). Link to the actual convo: www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=241502515868022&id=100000248254534. Gio lure to Just go funny facebook trolling taj Ginyard
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Facebook Troll (Add Me If You Want)

Gio lure to
Just got that new Lil' Wayne Mixtape. #.
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Brendin Eric lee true, true,
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Taf Vinyard Using a hashtag on Facebook? We have a solution For
that! It' s walled , Olnly 2 payments of 19. 99 will have
you not being a faggot For sure. But wait! There' s more! If you all
the number below, we will double your order to 2 spray bottles of
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Tao Vinyard
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Gin Innate Shut the fuck up )
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Julie‘ love tra)
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Rreneirr Eric lee
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Judie‘ guess your gonna have to triple that order lam ""
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Tao Vinyard It' s buy gget one free!
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DEAL l you beattie hop on this guys. its a once
in a We time l
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Hi Euo. r. Iii ammo here, July 13111 2011, than Wood
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