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#71 - anonymous (07/11/2011) [-]
******* L..A.? are you a ******* dumbass the bloods are in georgia. or was that the crips?

#92 to #71 - kitkatrox (07/11/2011) [-]
can't tell if red thumb whore
or really ******* stupid
User avatar #84 to #71 - kabizus (07/11/2011) [-]
Some shoot this guy.
#75 to #71 - anonymous (07/11/2011) [-]
you ******* retred (not a spelling error read it how it's spelt..). you make all anons look stupid. the crips were formed by tookie (sp?) williams in la. the bloods were formed by pretty much all of the smaller gangs in response to the crips

http://www . gangsorus . com/crips_bloods_history.htm

learn your **** .
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