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#322 - anon (07/05/2011) [-]
I'll probably get thumbed down, I don't give a **** .
I don't understand how perverting children's shows/content whatever like this is funny.
Honestly I think it's tasteless and immature.
It's kinda like calling Justin Beiber a lesbian. Seriously? That is such an ignorant comment. Leave the damned kid alone, he'll burn out in a few years at best.
Not a Beiber fan, for the record.
User avatar #486 to #322 - marineofMaine (07/05/2011) [-]
anon you will never gain respect by being so STUPID
User avatar #351 to #322 - Mawxter (07/05/2011) [-]
Goddammit anon, stay on ******* topic! This has nothing to do with that faggot.
#341 to #322 - penisbrandcrunch (07/05/2011) [-]
....wow,what you said changed us-_-
#329 to #322 - wisedrifter ONLINE (07/05/2011) [-]
Wait a second! Justin Beiber ISN'T a lesbian?!
User avatar #327 to #322 - LEAFMAN (07/05/2011) [-]
silly anon!
you cant bake raisin bread without raisins!
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