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#872 - Xan Krieger
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(06/29/2011) [-]
We should make our own protest sign quoting things from George Carlin.

"There's a list of 10 things god doesn't want you to do and if you do any of these things, he'll send you to a place full of fire and smoke and screaming and anguish where he'll send you to burn and choke and scream forever and ever, till the end of time... but he loves you"


"Religion is nothing but mind control, religion is only trying to control your thoughts and control your language so they're going to tell you not to do something because they're "SINS". Not only will they tell you not to say things, but they'll suggest things you ought to be saying. Here's something you say when you get up in the morning, Here's something you gotta say at night, here's something you got to say at 11 AM every sunday morning when the bells ring."

If these mindless trolls are picketing "in the name of god", there's plenty of ways to picket them to troll back if not harder.
#884 to #872 - slyve
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(06/29/2011) [-]
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implying they are able to grasp the concept of counter trolling - chances are they will just feel "confirmed" in their cause because they managed to get attention.

best thing to do would be just to beat the living **** out of them and try to kill as many as possible.