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According to Wikipedia he lives in Connecticut. Lets say that he molested a young girl that was 15 years old when his wife took his two sons to go visit her family. He is currently being held in Bridgeport Correctional Institution (a real jail in Connecticut) with no bail. Chris Hasen's only comment on the situation so far has been '' It was a big mistake... '' and his wife continues to stand by him. The 15 year old girl that has remained nameless and her family have yet to comment on the situation.
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the molestation happened on june 14 but the girl now opened up about it
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You my friend are genius.
How should we start it?
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Just start telling friends and people on Facebook on stuff about it and just be like '' Dude... Did you hear about Chris Hansen..? '' and make another post here on Funny Junk but include the story on it.
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will you help me start it?
make a Chris Hansen rumor starter poster like this one? post it?
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Yeah I'll do it now :D
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