Impress and amaze your friends!. . Rubik' s cube Solved in .10 moves (or less) Boo Rubik invented the Cube mine spring of 1974 in his hometown oi Budapest. Hung Impress and amaze your friends! Rubik' s cube Solved in 10 moves (or less) Boo Rubik invented the Cube mine spring of 1974 his hometown oi Budapest Hung
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Impress and amaze your friends!

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Rubik' s cube
Solved in .10 moves (or less)
Boo Rubik invented the Cube
mine spring of 1974 in his
hometown oi Budapest.
Hungary, He wanted a working
model to help explain
and ended up creating the
worlds bestselling toy. He
does several attempts and
solved the cube hr the first
lime that summer It took him
one solve it.
HA! new AM To
cw THE mu:
There are edible
Super Mario Brothers
cube and even MPA
playing cubes! _
The biggest Cube in
the world, on display in
Knoxville, Tennessee,
is 3 metres tall and
weighs over
The toy has
inspired political
speeches, fashion,
plays, and even an
art movement
known as
People of all ages
play with the toy,
Cirrhotics'' are
said to suffer from
Cubist' s thumb"
Rubik' s wrist"
More than an million
Rubik' s Cubes have
been sold worldwide.
If allthe cubes were
placed on top of each
other it would be
enough to reach the
North Pole from the
South Pole!
At the height of
the Rubik' s craze
in the ,
it was estimated
The object had
been conceived
at first in order
to develop the
faculties of
visualization of
the pupils in
The most expensive Rubik' s
Cube ever produced is the
Masterpiece Cube, created by
Diamond Cutters
International in ms. This
actual size,
cube features 22. 5 carats of
amethyst, at carats oi rubies,
and at carats of emeralds, all
set in gold, and has
been valued at approximately
1. 5 million us dollars
Rubik' s inspiration
tor the Cube' s
mechanism came
from pebbles in the
River Danube,
whose edges had
been smoothed
The same number
that J. K. Rowling
have sold with the
stories of
Harry Potter
almost 350
million copies
around the world]
that of
the world' s
population had
played the Cube
that' s the
of China!
The World Cube
Association now runs
competitions where
layers have to some the
we openhanded, as well
as having to solve the Cube
using only your feet.
There IS even a
competition where players
have to solve the Cube as
quickly as pssible
Hindi!) ded!
Saskue was
The current
world record for
a single solve
was set by Erik
at the
2008 Czech Open
with a time of
7. 08 seconds
There are more than
43 quintillion possible
configurations, or
to be exact. But there is only
one solution. Allowing a
second tor each turn, it
would take 1400 trillion
years to go through all the
possible configurations.
By comparison, the universe
is around 13 billion years old
It would have taken
as years for a
solve all
however the whole
mess just took a
weeks by using
part of Bangles
computing servers
After thirty years of
people thinking about it,
a famous open problem
about the Rubik' s Cube
has finally been resolved:
Gods number is 20.
in other words. every
Rubik' s Cube, no matter
how mixed up, can be
solved in 20 moves or
Herbert .
Darmstadt, Germany.
been involved with the
cube since at least 1990;
author of Cube Explorer.
the' standard
invented the two phase
Tomas ,
Filo Alto. CA,
been pursuing
this problem for
ten years, with
significant effort _
the last five Starte ,
Kent tats. Ohio;
has written some pa ers
and is dun resent: on
the cube. e provided
assistance in some of the
more mathematical things,
including some of the
Set Cover work
John Detroid e,
Mountain View, CA F' i, ,
this is his first involvement wit the cube,
He is the man who volunteered the machines
and shepherded the code through the
Gongs systems
i, tta
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