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User avatar #231 - HaymitchAbernathy ONLINE (06/25/2011) [-]
animals fart and **** , which produces methane and CO2, plants take CO2 and turn it into oxygen. Methane and CO2 are known contributors to global climate change (as opposed to global warming, which is incorrectly named)

#247 to #231 - mobyct (06/25/2011) [-]
Look, I'm not a vegetarian, but I ******* HATE THAT RETARDED REASON EVERYTIME I ******* SEE IT ! IF YOU DON'T WANT COWS TO **** AND FART THEN DONT ************* BREED THEM.
#234 to #231 - anon (06/25/2011) [-]
Animals eat the plants too. If everybody was a vegetarian to save the planet, we would run out of a food source, seeing as we would soon see vegetation disappear due to an increased consumption, not only from more humans but due to the over populace of animals. So; By eating meat, I'm solving another factor in the equation, related to your problem. WHAT NOW BITCH?
#237 to #234 - FunGuyOnBread (06/25/2011) [-]
Actually, if you payed enough attention in highschool biology, you'd know that when food goes up one level in a food chain, 90% of the energy is used by the animal being eaten for living and 10% is stored (and therefore eaten). Consequently, if we ate the plants that we feed to our livestock, we'd have about 10 times as much food than if we ate the livestock which we raise.

Not that I'm a vegetarian, though. Meat tastes too good.
#236 to #234 - HaymitchAbernathy ONLINE (06/25/2011) [-]
EXACTLY!!!!! Carnivores: The solution to many of Earth's problems. Vegetarians: Part of the problem.....
User avatar #245 to #236 - cornrun ONLINE (06/25/2011) [-]
So Basically, we should eat the Vegetarians.
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