Can you name all these movies?. . ETTEI‘ -11%. Pirates of the scissor hands in wonderland.
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User avatar #6 - sketchulator (06/23/2011) [-]
Pirates of the scissor hands in wonderland.
User avatar #1 - angryman (06/23/2011) [-]
edward scissor hands, charlie and the chocolate factory, alice in wonderland, pirates of the carribbean, sweeney todd, and i don't know the reggae/weed one...
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User avatar #4 to #1 - irysh (06/23/2011) [-]
fear and loathing in las vegas
User avatar #7 - sasorikingofrocks (06/24/2011) [-]
the moustache is not pirates its something else, I would say public enemies.
User avatar #5 - GrapeFace (06/23/2011) [-]
Pirates, Alice, Scissorhands, Sweeny Tod, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
#3 - anon (06/23/2011) [-]
good job!
and the one you didn't get is pirates of the Caribbean of course!
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