The Mindfuck about ed,edd,eddy. . So, Funnyjunk, the other day I was browsing around when I saw a post about how "Ed, Edd, n Eddy" was about kids in heaven, and The Mindfuck about ed edd eddy So Funnyjunk the other day I was browsing around when saw a post how "Ed Edd n Eddy" kids in heaven and
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The Mindfuck about ed,edd,eddy

So, Funnyjunk, the other day I was browsing around when I
saw a post about how "Ed, Edd, n Eddy" was about kids in
heaven, and I thought to myself, "how could anyone see the
Eds' plight as heaven?" The other kids are constantly {oiling
their plans and ridiculing them, they are constantly
sustaining every manner of injury, and their greatest desire is
constantly just beyond their reach, taunting them with its
sugary goodness.
Sounds more like hell to me.
So then I started to look into it more, pairing characters from
the show with common themes of hell. The 7 deadly sins were
the obvious place to start. Some of them were quite obvious:
Sarah: Wrath
Nazz: Lust
Kevin: Pride
Jimmy: Envy
He' s always clinging to Sarah, and
generally latching onto others. And I' m sure we
all remember the episode where he does that
whole ridiculously complicated plan to get
revenge on the Eds.
Rolf: Gluttony
Not readily obvious, but when
you think about it, he is the character
most often eating and associated with
food, what with his constant supply of
sausages and crazy foreign food.
Johnny and Plank: sloth
one of them' s an inanimate object,
and the other tends to be found sitting or
lying about somewhere. Rarely take active
roles in the plot, generally Just react to what
gets thrown at them.
But OP," you' re saying, "What about our heroes? And
you' re short a sin!"
Hold your horses you whiny bitches, I' m getting to it.
The last sin should be obvious to anyone even vaguely
familiar with the show:
Eddy: Greed
The other two were a little trickier, but I think I found their
roles quite nicely:
Doublets: Virgil
The voice of reason and guidance in the
chaos of this world. But more importantly, he serves
as the counselor and guardian to our last player:
Ed: Dante
Yes, you guessed it, our loveable Ed is the Dante of
this story. Lost in a world he does not understand, unsure of
his purpose or way. Lumpy here is the speck of innocence,
assailed from all sides by the vices that surround him. It is
often only Doublets who keeps him from peril, defends him,
and shows him the way (or tries to, anyway).
So there you have it: Ed, Edd, n Eddy is really an allegory for
I also thought of how the Kanker Sisters could be the fates,
what with the eye thing they have going. or they could be lust,
which could make Nan Dante' s Beatrice, but whatever, that' s
getting too complicated.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed!!
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