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#186 - jacksparojr (06/18/2011) [-]
I pre-ordered Skyrim 11 months in advance and I am literally counting down the days to 11-11-11

<--- That was basically my face when I saw the trailer with the dragon shouts
#206 to #186 - arearea (06/18/2011) [-]
jacksparojr, i dont care that you got 3 thumbs down i love skyrim too.
i AM half-way paid for skyrim and arkham city but i want skyrim so ******* much.
on a side note, look up skyrim on youtube and look for the video that is 14 minutes long watch that from start to finish and listen to what they say.
User avatar #316 to #206 - jacksparojr (06/18/2011) [-]
Yea I've seen it pretty epic also Skyrim comes out on a Friday so I thought **** I'm going to have to be in school that day and I realized **** SCHOOL I'M GOING TO THE MIDNIGHT RELEASE
User avatar #437 to #316 - arearea (06/19/2011) [-]
theres a midnight release? epic.
if it was a school day i would go anyway, my friend is having a skyrim party on 11-11-11 and the only reason i wouldn't go, is to play skyrim myself on that day.
-also your comment now hase 5 thumbs up instead of 3 down.
-also look up " literal skyrim trailer" its ******* halarious- friend request in da mail
User avatar #441 to #437 - jacksparojr (06/19/2011) [-]
What's weird is Minecraft actually comes out of beta on 11-11-11 but it's not going to be a very hard decision on what to play first
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