Best omegle chat EVER. OC by me sorry, it's a bit long. Best Omegle chat EVER You' re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! omegal messages trom omegle w omegle boner tortoise Donald Trump africa
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Best omegle chat EVER

OC by me
sorry, it's a bit long

Best Omegle chat EVER
You' re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
omegal messages trom omegle will not he sent with the label 'stranger:'.
Strangers claiming to represent omegle are lying.
Stranger: hi
You: hi
You: lets take a walk in the woods
Stranger: sounds splendid
You: here we go
You: hut we hear a rustle in the brush
You: OH eon TS A BEAR
Stranger: dun dun dun
Stranger: Freeze
Stranger: l can smell tear
You: l can also smell uranus
You: which it attacks
You: that old guy at the deli gave you something
You: WHAT is TV
Stranger: A betcher' s mile
You: k
You: WHAT do you no with the knits‘?
Stranger: l ran at the hear
Stranger: as it the mile is my sword
You: The hear had a higher experience level than you
this is his portrait
You: you got raped
You: he leaves
You: what do you do now»
Stranger: Like raped rape? Amt possibly pregnant with a cub’?
You: nope
You: the hear attacked
You: so
You: mag
Stranger: how awful
You: the hear has a Emily to take care or, he just needed a quickie
You: you pleased a bear
Stranger: Well then we should um his bear Emily and tell them about this
You: how do you leer?
Strange _ so his hear wile will leave him
You: so let' s go
Stranger: Onwards
You: now mares a tom in the trail
You: and some old guy is at the other end
You: oi the right road
You: hut to the tell there is a
You: which road do we take»
Stranger: The road with the old guy wont trust animals anymore
You: the old guy gives us an Milan
You: he hears or our adventures
You: and wants to help you take revenge
You: because the hear was actually
Stranger: What a strange twists
You: indeed
You: so now we go on to take revenge on donald trump
Stranger: What are we alter now»
manger: since we know he is Donald Trump
You: I guess it we take revenge, his wile (who is actually a bear) will eat him,
leaving all the money we will ever need
You: hut rarst
You: on our Journey
You: we see 3 doors
You: the rarst is pink
You: the second is yellow
You: the third is in the shape or a moose, and is rainbow colored
You: which door»
You: we open the second door
You: and we are in
You: good choice
manger: Thanks! i
You: whoa
You: it is dark here
You: feel around tor a switch
Ike his soul
You: I lound something
You: 'click'
You: ‘click?
manger: OH NO
You: we dont need light
You: leis fumble around till we um a door
stranger. mumblemumble'
You: Tumble'
You: 'jackity clack‘
You: what a Weld door
Stranger: indeed
You: should we open this one»
manger: i suppose
You: so we open the door
Stranger: moment or truth
You: TS moo
You: the friendly mexican immigrant
You: who lives in donald trump' s basement
manger: and whose gender is ambiguous
You: who knows the horrors he/ she has witnessed
manger: The person must have a lot oi information
You: indeed
Stranger: I only he/ she spoke Englishe
You: exactly
You: use only speaks portugese
Stranger: Huh How odd
You: pace points to a door and motions us to open it
You: should we trust pacos
You: hes been with trump tor years
Stranger: i see a sparkle in Paws eyes that lead me to believe he is
trustworthy onward
You: allright
You: we open the door
You: and then
You: there is light
manger: like at the end or the tunnel»
You: oh hey, " his lighttell collection
Stranger: Paws or Trumps?
You: good thing theate right next to trump' s bedroom
You: they are paws
Stranger: Okay dokey
You: so
Stranger: Let' s proceed!
You: ck
You: we um several weapons here
You: we um
You: a mace, some , a gorish, and an UTI
You: they are all on some sort oi trap door
You: so we can only take one
You: which do we take»
String mam
manger. Mace
You: so we go through the only door in the room
You: and we come out to witness
You: with
You: oh dear
manger: WHAT
Stranger: oh my
You: she is chained up in a small cage
manger: wrong on so many levels!
You: and donald is (masking at her and whipping her with string cheese
You: should we help?
Stranger: nah
You: ck
Stranger: Best to save the world and let her stay!
You: allright
You: hut
You: what about revenge»
Stranger: Let' s go get a bear, hung it here and have it eat Trump
You: so we need to get his wile and cubs’?
Stranger: Yes sin or ma' aml
You: so we needle go to the strip club across the street
You: mats where they are
You: we take his car keys and drive there in his Warhol
can this get any weirder
key dokey
You: we come in
You: and everyone is a gentleman
You: wearing monocles and tophats
Stranger: And talking in British accents»
You: we get a hearty "good day" when we wal in
You: yes
You: we um the bears in the backroom
You: we tell them the story or what happened
You: now we gotta pick them up trom the club and drive them over to trump' s house
Stranger: sounds like a plan Whose driving»
You: the wire, or course
You: I hit atleast is children along the way
You: and you cant sit anymore
Stranger: Damni (insert your hang What did l tell you We cant atmora to kill anymore
You: I know, know
You: sorry
You: so we are driven to ' s house
You: the wile smashes down the doors and we go Ink) his bedroom
You: there is alot oi white and blood where the cage was
You: and donald trump is nowhere to he lound
hat have to be pieces or his comb over on the ground We could lolcow the
trail oi his hair strands
manger: There‘
You: yes
You: there, in the corner
You: and we also um miranda under his bed
You: hut shes
You: uhh
You: well, you dont need to know
You: leis lolcow the trail
Stranger: oi course
You: along the way, the children take turns getting to second base with you
You: as children always do
You: well
You: we are Malty here
Stranger: Thank God
You: at george lucas' s house»
You: what?
You: now they will have lightsabers
You: we gotta call the power rangers to help us out
You: do you have your communicator»
manger: 'Produces communicator‘
You: aw man
Stranger: ,
You: they say that they' re stoned and are busy eating pepperoni
You: oh well
You: atleast we have hears
manger: We can never count on them
You: I know, right?
You: so now
You: we get into the house
You: and " just one huge room
You: with donald trump and george lucas having an arm wrestling match in the middle
You: now what?
Stranger: Well we can strike Trump while he is unprepared
You: his wile did not lolcow orders though
You: OH NO
You: he struck his wile
Stranger: What Nomi
You: OH Got)
You: now the who cop is here
Stranger: MPA
You: he has a boner
You: god help us
manger: ‘So many sexually awkward moments in your stories'
You: he then rapes Idump with the long stick . JUS'
You: and then culls him
You: now trump is in a prison cell with the largest, gayest man in the whole world
You: you won
istory is mine
Stranger: And yours
manger. Thanks tor your help on this Journey
You: you are welcome, young one
Stranger: Did you enjoy the story»
You: yes
You: now
You: as a last thing tor you to remember me by
You: I give you a papaya
You: use it wisely
hank you
You: you are welcome
You: good bye
Stranger: You are leaving, on wise one?
You: I must guide another
You: ts a shame
You: not as many people are as courageous as you are
manger: Why thank you i
You: good bye now, I must return to my people
Stranger: Goodbye and good luck
You have disconnected.
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Your description, thats what he said!
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